Day 10: The Road to Sydney

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So... I did NOT make it out again last night as originally planned :-(  Which means... the Cheeky Monkey will have to wait for another trip to Oz.  After packing last night... I started feeling like crap again, so I took my over-the-counter meds and passed out.  On the drive to Sydney, I finally decided maybe I should get a professional's opinion... seeing as I've had sinus problems on and off for the last few weeks and a fever/chills for the last 3 nights... i think it's about time to give up on the macho shit and go see a doctor.  Perhaps I'm not emphasizing the severity of the fever/chills... but if I've decided that I need to see a doc... on my vacation... then that may give you some idea.  Anywho... enough about my gimp-ass.  So... I arrived in Sydney today.  I'd only previously seen Sydney from the air... which gave it a sort of peaceful/serene impression in my narrow mind.  From ground level... mainly, while stuck in traffic... it's much more chaotic/bustling (nice to know it is a real city after all).  I managed to navigate my pimp-daddy Corolla to Bondi Beach without pissing off too many locals.  I think I only got honked at about a half dozen times... perhaps the honks and beeps were to congratulate me on my fine automobile and sculpted physique... or perhaps they were to indicate that I should hurry up and/or get the fuck out of the way.  People here seem to be more in a rush to get places... which I guess is true for any city. However, all my other/limited travels through Oz have shown the people to be much more tolerant and laid back.  After wreaking havoc on the flow of Bondi Beach traffic for long enough... I decided it best to ditch my wheels and search for accomodation on foot.  I was able to secure accomodation at the Beach Road Hotel, which is fairly close to everything in Bondi Beach.  After depositing my shit in my room... and taking a cold shower to cool my fever... I hit the streets to check out Bondi.  This town is chock full of beautiful/sexy/metro people... I mean... I must be the homeliest looking SOB in Bondi.  Please note... I say this only because I'm sick and pale at the moment... otherwise, I'd be beating the women off of me with a piƱata stick for sure.  But seriously... everybody is proudly displaying their perfect tans on their equally perfect bodies.  All the guys are blonde-haired-boardshort-wearing surfer types who utilize their surfboards in the same manner a peacock uses his plumage to attract the female of the species... and all the chicks are sporting the hugely sexy bumblebee shades... cute, yet painful-looking, shoes and NOT MUCH ELSE (aside from the malignant man-lumps hanging off their arms).  OK... that's enough for tonight... I'm starting to feel not well again... gotta get back to my hotel and take my meds.

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photo by: Sunflower300