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The Lagoon on the Esplanade in Cairns...
So... as I stated in the summary... I made it to Cairns.  Thus far the place is a lot quieter than I expected... perhaps because last night was New Years Eve and the festivities supposedly carried on till about 0930 this AM.  Anyway... I was able to book a room at the airport and managed to navigate my pimp-daddy blue Toyota Carolla to Gilligan's Backpacker Resort.  Upon checking in to my supposedly single room... I stumbled upon some guy passed out in one of two twin beds in the room.  Feeling a bit confused (and not wanting to disturb the poor soul who was obviously sleeping off the night before) I tiptoed back out of the room and down to the front desk.  Turns out the guy was one of the DJs from the hostel's... err "Resort's" Nightclub who had decided to help himself to a room after getting off of work at 0930.  The front desk staff apologized and quickly put me in an adjacent room all to my lonesome so as not to disturb the sleeping DJ.  At this point I checked out my new room to make sure there were no roomies... and proceeded to freshen up.  Now I'm out exploring Cairns and soaking in all it has to offer.  I've signed up for a dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef and I REALLY hope that I can make the 0830 boatride (seeing as I've already paid for the trip).  OK... that's about it for now... I'm starving and need a beer.
rideouts says:
we need pictures! I want to see the little holes you are staying in!
Posted on: Jan 01, 2007
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The Lagoon on the Esplanade in Cai…
The Lagoon on the Esplanade in Ca…
The Port in Cairns... complete wit…
The Port in Cairns... complete wi…
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