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A reasonably early start and coffee and a croissant round the corner.

I'd decided on a trip to Bondi Beach for the morning, so it was off on the train to Central (Getting the hang of this!)  and then a bus to Bondi Beach. Well, it took abbout 30 mins and I saw bits of Sydney you wouldn't normally see, so good old public transport and the runabout ticket.

Well, Bondi was smaller than I imagined, but splendid. The sand was gorgeous. I might even enjoy playing a golf ball from it if I had to... and I do, all too frequently.

The lifeguards seem to spend their free time running up and down the beach and to a person, they all look horribly fit.

However, given a choice between being rescued by one of them, or by me (Bronze Medal Lifesaving and all) I know who I'd choose.

I'd only intende to spend an hour at Bondi, but as I was snapping pics, a lady told me there was a whale and calf off the next bay, so off I trooped. It was about 2k to the next bay and the coastal path was a delight to stroll. Jolly Picturesque. About 3/4 of the way there as I rounded a curve, the aforementioned whale was making it's way to more or less where I'd just left, so about face and back to Bondi Beach.

On the beach a fair cowd was gathering, many of us worrying that mummy whale and calf were heading towards the beach and in danger of beaching themselves. Also, some surfers wer getting close , so the lifeguards loud hailed them with a gentle reminder that there was 300 metre embargo on protected species and then gave it a bit more teeth by reminding them that where baby whales are.

..there be sharks!

I'd have loved to have stayed and seen the outcome, but my brief visit to Bondi was already overdue and I had things to do. A visit to the Sydent Observatory booked for 6.00 for one.

I took the ferry to Manly because, I thought I ought to 'cos I'd heard of it and it seemed a reasonable way of gtting to see the bridge and Opera House without having to go on a 2 hour tour. It served the latter functions very well and Manly was a delightful spot. I spent a while in the art gallery (have to say I wsn't that impressed with the exhibition- a little too abstract for my taste) and had a gentle stroll along the esplanade and back to the ferry terminal for the return trip.

Because of the Bondi delay and the 6.00 appointment I found myself back at The Rocks with an awkward hour and a bit to spare, so decided, on a whim, to take a ride in a jet boat. Well, it's a holiday. It was good fun for 40 mins and it did what you'd expect- got you wet!

The Observatiory was quite interesting, but because there were 14-15 of us, we had to take it in turns to peer at the stars through the telescope so the waiting was a tad tedious and having done some serious walking today, the feet were protesting at bearing my weight, so I slid out early and returned, via train and monorail to my now usual evening venue.

Meal, beer and bed!


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The whale and calf.. trust me!
The whale and calf.. trust me!
Me at Bondi
Me at Bondi
The Manly Ferry
The Manly Ferry
photo by: Sunflower300