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Climb the Bridge Day!!

Been booked for ages, so off I set after a coffee and croissant at the local cafe, which also doubles as my Internet haunt. Got within sight of the SHB and leapt off the train thinking, why bother to change trains'? I'll walk.' One map reading error later and i was late and hailing a taxi to get me there on time! Nice driver. Croatian, so we nattered about footy for the journey, in particular, how Croatia missed Eduardo and what a poor lot Turkey were to watch.

At the Bridge we were given our breath test- (passed!) and kittled up. Not quite in the SAS league, but enough for a stiff hike up the bridge: Snazzy overall, and fleece, cap, something to keep us attached to the bridge and earset all duly donned and off we went for what turned out to be near enough 1500 steps.

The views were amazing.

The previous day had been not good, according to our delightful guide. Phew!

It wasn't cheap, but then again, neither was getting here, but having come all this way, I'd have kicked myself forever if I hadn't done it.


After the climb a few of us went for a much needed beer or two and then I set off for some more exploring of the city.

There was a free ticket to climb one of the pylons for a  bit of a display and another view of the area, so I opted to do that as time was on my side. It was a jolly interesting display, full of all sorts of trivia (6 million rivets, for example)  and the history of the building of the bridge. Worth 9 dollars if you hadn't done the bridge climp or didn't fancy 1500 steps. This was a mere 200!


Then I was off to take in The Rocks, a delightful area and then opted for a ferry back to Darling Harbour and the monorioal back to the hotel for a quck chnage and back to adopted pub No 1.. via adopted pub no 2 of course!

Another steak and more sport on the screens. England doing less than well at the cricket, unfortunately!

And thence to bed!

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Been there, done that!
Been there, done that!
photo by: Sunflower300