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Departure Day, so it was sort out the suitcase and pack the necessary in the hand luggage. Once done, luggage stored at the hotel for a 7.30pm pick up and the bill settled it was time not to waste my final day of the hols.

I wandered back to Chinatown with a view to catching the MRT to a bird sanctuary, but as I walked past a massage place a young man pointed out today's special and I found myself sat down for an hours worth of foot and shoulder treatment. Well, if I thought it was going to be a gentle rub with some oil whilst I nodded off into oblivion I was in for a shock. This guy was polite, charming and determined to put heart, soul and muscles into my aching limbs.

Worth it, but.....
(He had probably mastered the Vulcan Death Grip as well). At times it was bordering on uncomfortable, but I have to say that by the end of it my feet felt like they were new. He also spotted a knot in my shoulder that has been there for some time and decided that would have to go. Ouch! He really was determined on this one. Ever had the full body weight of a Singaporean leant on you using just the elbow as a pivot? Thought not! He was almost apologetic when he told me he couldn't fix it in one session. I was quite relieved actually, 'cos I doubted I could take much more of this treatment. To be fair though, it a much smaller knot that it used to be. Bad posture at the desk, I assume.

Anyway, duly beaten, I set off on the MRT to the Julong Bird Park for some more nature viewing and pic snapping.

It's wonderful just how far you can travel for not much on this and the buses out there. The Bird Park was very good for the main, though several bits were closed for repair/upgrade, which was disappointing, but necessary I guess. One bit was wonderfully spectacular though, and that was the rainforest section. A huge caged area of a few hectares and anywhere from 15 to 40m high, complete with a man made 30m waterfall. It was great to wander round the paths with the birds flying rounfd freely. Birds in cages does always seem at bit mean, but they are involved in conservation work and there must be some reason why they don't let the eagles roam freely!

I set off back to town to write a bit more of the blog and pick up suit number 3 from the tailors. The folks back home won't recognise me.

It was then time to head back to the hotel, via my beer stop for the last time, and wait for the transfer to the airport.

It was sad to be leaving, though doubtless it'll be finme to get back and see people, but I did think that if I went online and found my lottery numbers had come up, it'd be home for a laundry session, say hi to a few folk and then off to see more of the world. I am now more jealous of Michael Palin than before!

And so, dear readers, apart from one more entry to come, and that just the journey home, this blog nears its end. For those of you who have stuck with it.... there ought to be an award for you as well. Hope it's proved interesting and enlightling. I've enjoyed doing it, even though sometimes it was tricky not falling too many days behind, and might even take the whole thing and add to it one day as a more complete piece of work. Wonder if I've missed my vocation as a travel writer? Anyway, I'm determined to write up my next travels, whenever that might be, and I've some reviews of places visited to do, but for now, it's 'goodbye from me' as the programme said. Thanks to all of you who read and or made comments! Smiles to you all. :)


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Worth it, but.....
Worth it, but.....