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Up fairly early once again and partook of brekkie in the hotel again. I'd decided that planning a 3 session day was likely to backfire, so went for a morning hit, then see how it goes, so off to Sentosa Island via MRT and cable car.

On my way to fort Silosa, i wandered down the forest trial, 'cos i don't tire of walking through rainforests it seems. It was very good apart from the occasional notices informing you of the various inhabitants and their possibility of doing you injury. The Whip snake was the first- mildly venemous, the notice said. Shades of 'Mostly Harmless' I think.

I'm not a great one for al things military, but as Singapore had such a troubled time in WW2 and I knew little of it, I opted to visit Fort Siloso. Well, I was the only one on the bus up, so got tour guide and driver all to myself.

The fort was worth the visit- interesting and informative with a host of original materials from allies, civilians and occupiers.

After that, I thought something less thought provoking, so spotted something called The Luge. Sort of a cross between a go-kart and toboggan. A 650 metre track and a lift back on a ski-lift. 3 goes later I'd shown the operators and the slow coaches I wasn't to be taken lightly on the cornering stakes. No overtaking? i think not! more mid-life crisis stuff I suspect.

I then investe 10 dollars in the butterfly house. Brilliant. Got to hold a parrott (I know, it's not a butterfly, but it was there) and whilst  the delightful guide used my camera to take a pic, a yellow parrot landed on my shoulder and nibbled at my ear.

Rather forwards of it I thought! Anyway the butterflies were fantastic and apart from upsetting a family of oafs who seemed to thing trying to catch them was a good idea, a wonderful hour and a bit passed.

I left via the cable car and set off in search of a Nintendo DS for Ruth (wonderful things, text messages) Anyway, found Sim Lim Square and every shop I tried refused to sell a DS on its own. They were all into 'bundles'. In  the end, I got a DS and some device that does 'things' I'm sure Ruth and Kris will understand. Probably illegal, but hey, I'm an innocent tourist.

The evening was spent at Clarke Quay. Meal, boatride- very nice, but no running commentary like elsewhere, and the MRT back... via my little Tiger Beer stop where a wizened, but wonderfully cheery old man sat down with me, offered me some of his meal and we made small talk with both of us having but a rudimentary grasp of what the other was saying. Excellent stuff.

Stop off at the 7-11 for a can and then to bed. My legs I'm sure are shorter than when I left. They're certainly feeling the miles at the moment!


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