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I've discovered that 1st nights in new places means not the best night's sleep, so by just after 7.30 I was doing a few lengths in the pool, as I suspected things wouldn't get going by 9.00.
I took breakfast in the hotel and then set off for the Botanical Gardens. Once more into the reals of public transport. Another MRT system and every bit as good as Hong Kong's.
I'd intended to spend a couple of hours in the gardens, but they were so a) huge and b) wonderful, I was there until well after lunch, so my plans of splitting the day into am, pm and evening sections was shot from day one.
The gardens were free and access to the orchid collction a mere 5 dollars and it was worth every bit of every one of them. Took loads of pics, so hoping they'l be up to scratch when I send them to Flickr, and f rom there, some to here.

I'd also forgotten how sapping the heat and humidity could be, so by the time I'd done the gardens, I was ready to return to the hotel for a shower and change, 'cos it looked ike someone had thrown  bucket of water at me. However, I stopped off at some tailors on a whim on the way home and ordered myself yet another suit and 2 silk shirts to boot! Pick up Friday.

My plan for the evening was to go to the Night Safari next to the zoo, so at the hotel I asked where the public phones were and waved my tourist guide at them. Some decent chap told me that a tour operator could pick me up from the hotel and save me the bother of making my own way. (OK, so it costs, but not to much, and I was beat!).
It also left me a time for another swim and a bit of a lie down by the pool, which was jolly relaxing.

Well, what a splendid set up and thoroughly enjoyable evening it was. Ther tour bus left at 9.30, so I told them to leave me and I'd get my own way home, intrepid traveller that  am, and I'm glad I did, because I was able to wander at my leisure and not be time keeping. I'll review the place later, but it is a night safari and therefore the paths are dimly lit... so as I was conslting the map under the glow of a dim light, a frog hopped out, landed on my leg and then dropped onto my foot. He might have been startled, but I was nearly in the next life. And th answer to the question on many peoles' lips is 'no, but very nearly'
MRT back to Chinatown and then on my now regular route home, took a slight detour and stoped off at one of these 'locals' places where they served ice cold Tiger far more cheaply than the hotel.
One nightcap later and sleep beckoned.

marinabelle says:
Maybe you should consider taking Pampers on your next trip just in case things hop out in front of you ....
Posted on: Aug 22, 2008
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Look carefully. Theres a tigers …
Look carefully. There's a tiger's…