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A relative lie in this morning. Only a 5.00 am get up!

Drove to Palm Cove in my rented Hyundi Getz. OK, not exactly the world's most sought after car, but it was cheap to hire and I wasn't into street cred.

Arrived at the pick up point with thime to spare and at the appointed hour, the minibus arrived and we collected a few more folk and off to the finger... Oz for pier, I deduced.

I'll review Ocean Free later on, when time permits, but after 15 or so years, a dive- well 2 actually- was great fun and 'The Reef' was as exciting as I had hoped. What a splendid collection of coral and marine life. I'd been a tad nervous about making a total prat of myself after all these years without a dive, but all was well.

OK, the crew did all the fiddly bits I'd have struggled with, like connecting everything, but once in the water it was still all there!

We transfered to Green Island for an hour or so and I forked out 15 dollars to see some captive crocs. Well, I'm sure glad one or two were captive. 6m is a size for one of those beasts!

Whilst strolling along the pier I noticed a shape in the water that rang a bell.... shark like. Anyway, out with the camera for a few snaps and then contemplated how much of a surprise this was going to be for the snorkellers the reef shark was heading for! Well, there was a tad of a commotion, but no-one was harmed.

Returned to the boat for a second dive and then on the way home, the motor was turned off and we sailed back. Brilliant, and all of us punters scoffed at the motor driven boats ferrying folk back to Cairns.

Drove back to PD. Stroled in to town for a schooner or two at my newly adopted local, then invested in a takeaway pizza and bottle of wine to eat and drink at the apartment. Slept like a log!

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Sorry about this one!
Sorry about this one!
Port Douglas
photo by: sweettangerine