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A reasonably busy dasy planned today.

I'd been very keen and got to the Observation deck at Rialto Towers. 55 floors and some 250 metres up for a 9.00 start, but it opened at 10.00 so I put Melburne's coffee house reputation to the test and read a bit more of the Lonely Planet guide and decided that most of my time here would be around the central area. The rest of the city can wait for another time, if I ever return.

The wait for the opening was worth it as the views were stunning. 360 degree view of the city and it gave you a sporting chance to get your bearings. The good news was that the admission allowed a re-visit, so I earmarked a return trip to see the city by night.

The LP guide recommended a river cruise to get a walk free taste of the city, so I invested in that and it was fine.

The usual inmformative commentary and a chance for more pics.

I got off the boat on the MCG side of the city, made for a cafe that did lunch as the coffee and croissant had long since donated their calories to my body, and had then set off for the MCG via tram.

Well.... adelaide Oval: MCG. Chalk and Cheese. One a quaint, fairly small ground (30 000 or so) the other a huge stadium that can pack in just short of 100k.  It was enourmous. Can't compare to the Nou Camp or the new Wembley, 'cos I ain't been, but this was impressive. Sat in one of the member seats and experienced 'The Long Room' as well as all tour bits: dressing rooms, pitch....

The tour was good, with an informed guide as one might expect, but there were 30 folk on it and it lacked the homliness of the Adelaide Oval tour.

Still good though.

After that I hopped into a taxi to visit the Editure offices, a firm we deal with back in the UK and whilst to some it'd seem mad to spend holiday time on work related business, it was but a friendly couple of hours and I'd have regretted not taking the opportunity whilst so close.

Aroun6 6.00 I was back up the Rialto, if that doesn't sound too dodgy, for a night view of Melbourne and some more pics. I like cityscapes at night I've decided. Sort of in the same inexplicable way I like watching fires. Just something appealing about the whole thing.

I headed off back to the city centre for a beer and a bite to eat. Forgot it was a Friday night.

My how a gentle city can change in 24 hours. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a hotbed of violence and drunkeness, but there was a distinct shift from 'semi-serene tourist evening stroll and folk having a snifter after work' type place, to a 'Friday night is have beer' type place. Still felt jolly safe and nearly every establishment had minders on the door.

I ate in a cafe/restraunt and part way throught he meal was engaged in conversation by an aussie female who wanted a chat whilst her hubby finished his meal. got nattering and they insisted on paying for a beer and my meal, which was jolly decent of them. She suggested going to a cocktail bar where her son was working, so off we set. however, it was becoming increasingly obvious that hubby had consumed more than enough booze to float a reasonably sized boat.

We got into the bar, but her son was rather embarrased by his attempt to set fire to a $50 note and refused to serve him, so we left. I walked a while in search of his next favourite bar, but it was painfully obvious that he hadn't a clue where he was going, so whilst chatting amicably to Missus, I was considering my getaway. This decision was made more iminent when he decided to lower his trousers on the main st and show his genitals to all those interested. The sort of behaviour a 52 year old might just have outgrown? Anyway, no police arrived and he dressed and rejoined us and ushered wife into a nerarby bar. My time was here. Guilty as I was for sneaking off after they'd fed me, it was an easier escape that saying goodbye, so I let them enter and the door close behind me and vanished into the night, as far as they were concerened. Doubt if he'll remember anyway and I'm sure she'll understand. Felt like it was crossing her mind too!

So, back to the Bar Hum Bug (quite good I thought) next to the hotel for a snifter and thence to bed to consider my eventful evening.

marinabelle says:
Sounds like fun! DOH!!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2008
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The white seat is where the bigges…
The white seat is where the bigge…
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