The Journey- Part 2

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After the trials and tribulations of getting Ruth home, all I wanted to do was sink a beer, get on the plane and sleep. However, there wasn't time for a beer, or even to stop off and get one.. or water, so as I queued with the rest of the passengers, I was fraught, thirsty and tired.... and concerned for Ruth, but at least she had a flight.

At check I'd been asked my preference for a seat, so opted for an aisle seat 'cos at least then I could stretch my legs and trip people up for amusement during the journey. At the last moment, some chap took my boarding card and spoke to the girl on the desk. I was really too tired to care what was going to happen as long as they didn't park me in ann overhead locker. Well, the chap swapped my card and parked it back in my passport and muttered something I didn't quite catch, so I just nodded and said thanks.

I'd obviously missed something, 'cos he took my arm and pointed at my boarding card... in particular to the word 'Business' and uttered the unforgettable word 'upgrade'. Naturally I offered to marry him!

Well, I did the decent thing and rang my good  friend Maggie, and texted Ruth, 'cos I just had to! I now know how the other half fly, but there were tough decisions to make. What to order for breakfast, what to have for dinner and ought it to be red or white... and then Chardonney or Reisling? (Both as it turned out!!) Should I accept the offer of a set of Quantas jimjams? Yep! Electric seats to boot and when I stetched I couldn't reach an obstacle in front. Boy, it's spoiled me for the remaining legs of the journey, but let's not complain. At least I've had a go. Still can't figure why me. I've read that the ways to upgrade are dressing smartly- open toe sandals, shorts and a T shirt wasn't inappropriate for Hong Kong, but hardly super slick attire. Still- I care not.

Suffice to say, the journey was most enjoyable! :)

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