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Well. 7.30 and the transfer arrived at the Miramar on time and 5 of us jumped on for the trip to the airport. We got a decent running commentary on the way in.
Checked in and then had the usual couple of hours to kill, but killing them here was better than other airports. Free www access points all over the shop, so I was able to update the blog, coffee by my side.
I'd braced myself for the 12 hour stint, had a couple of drinks to help me nod off, but not so many as to get banned from flying, and once the meal had been served and a film (Leatherheads with Clooney and Zellwegger- just what was required, light and not requiring too much thought) settled down to sleep, eye mask and ear plugs duly arranged.
I was pleasantly surprised to wake and find I'd gone for around 6 hours, so just 4 to go, which by now I was considering a trivial time to spend in an aircraft.
We were fed for the 2nd time and then prepared for the landing. I'm still amazed why once the seatbelt signs go out, there's a mass undoing of seat belts and a standing in the aisles waiting to get off. OK, so we're all fed up of sitting down, but this mad rush to get off, only to then spend 20 mins waiting for the baggage to arrive. I just don't get it.
Transfer to King's Cross station and another 2 hours to kill. Memo to self. Airports are'nt the best places to while away 2 hours, but they sure beat stations.
Hull Trains were on time and at the appointed hour of 12.20pm I arrived in Hull and my holiday was officially over.
Boo Hoo!

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