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Today was wine tour day. Bro had nobally volunteered to drive. Splendid fellow.
There were many highlights of this trip of 6 or 7 vineyards, but the Penfolds tour was very informative. The guide was splendid and it's not often I get to stand in a room with arounf 20 million quids worth of wine. Yep... 20 million! If that seems excessive an estimation, well.. the tour guide told me and this wine knocks out at 500 Aus dollars a bottle and each barrel was worth 250 000 AD... and there were lots of barrels.
The wine was Penfolds Grange range and not surprisingly, wasn't on the list of wines to be tasted.
However, those that were available were, as one might expect, delightful and none of the outfits put you under any pressure to buy.. but it seemed the decent thing to do:)
Did the Wolf Blass vineyard and I learned it was named after Wolfgang Blass, so more education on the wine front.
We lunched at another winery and naturally had a glass with it, and if I'd been really greedy I guess I could have been pretty well sozzled on tastings alone.  However, at the rate it was going down Chez Wright, it didn't seem to matter.
I know some folk think it odd to go to a vineyard to see where the stuff is made 'cos we don't do that for most other stuff (although we did visit a cheese maker and a sweet maker), but I like that sort of thing, so there!
Guess what... home, tea, wine and bed.
marinabelle says:
Now this seems like a great pasttime, would have enjoyed that - bet you were giggling a bit by the end of the day!x
Posted on: Aug 22, 2008
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photo by: shirlan