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India has made a lasting impression on me. I went to India to experience the best and the worst it has to offer. I must say I was not disappointed either way. One has to enjoy India with a pinch of salt. It is not the cleanest country in the world nor the most organized, but the appearance rarely matters once you discover the content of its heart.   India lacks all the fancy and modern ammenities. No towering skyscrapers in the city of Delhi. No designer malls in the city of Jaipur. No tourist ghetto in the city of Agra. Instead its rough and rugged. What India has to offer is the raw deal. What it has is authentic cuisine to serve every taste buds. What it has is a diversity of people with various race, religion and creed who come together as Indians. What it has is a rich culture and history that transpires through time. Of course, only in India can you sight the first ray of light dawning upon the Ganges, the colourful 5 yards of cloth that are draped by women from all walks of life and the bodhi tree where Siddharta reached enlightenment.  To know India is to know its simplicity. And to enjoy India is to experience it with all its glory and pitfall. I am not awed by India's road system (or the lack of it) but I am impressed by its massive age old railway system that employs 1/3 of its population. I am humbled by the kindness of its people despite poverty and impoverishment. Indians are relatively lackadaisical and complacent about life. But that dont stop them from living it. For all they lack, they strive to make the best of what they have. One has to have strength literally and patience mentally to survive India. So being amongst the Indian people in their vast land, I cant help but feel grounded. India teaches the lessons of back to basics. Now I know what Alannis Morissette meant through her song "Thank You India". If you are planning a trip to India, shed all expectations and go with an open heart and mind. And the air will smell just a tad sweeter. India has that kind of effect
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