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even the bags are beautiful!

After the fabulous production of Wicked!, we waited patiently just like every other woman in the place to get to the bathroom!! The line was sooooo long, but fortunately it moved pretty quickly.  We were out of the Pantages and into daylight after at least 20 minutes which is pretty amazing for the size of the crowd that it had. Fortunately the 101 freeway is only a few blocks from the Pantages and clearly marked. Both RA and I can be nervous drivers so neither one does well in new surroundings.  We're our own comedy duo and shouldn't be let out on our own really!

The drive to Thousand Oaks was pretty uneventful, but we did get to see some sky writing which was interesting.

my favorite soap!! the honey lemon soap!
I've seen sky writing every time I've been in LA and every time but one I've been able to read and understand it, but this one only said the word "PLAY" and it was badly written. I'm pretty sure the guy must have been new at it. For those of you that are unfamiliar with sky writing: people/companies pay pilots to go up in their little planes and write words in the sky above LA. I've seen marriage proposals and happy birthday messages, but I'm completely perplexed about the "PLAY" one unless we missed the first part of the message and it had already faded away. I'm surprised it's legal really because we almost got in a car accident trying to watch that damn plane! We can't be the only ones getting distraced by the writing.

We almost got lost trying to find the Mall in Thousand Oaks. I do it every time! I take the correct exit but start to panic when it doesn't look familar and then I see it. I think it's the wrong way to get into the mall because you still have to drive a ways though the parking lots but it's the only way I know so I don't like to mess with it. Anyway, eventually we parked and ta-da, there's the Cheesecake Factory! (cue the angels singing!)

We were seated quickly seeing as it was only 5:30pm and it was just two of us. We had the most entertaining waiter I've ever had. He certainly made the meal more enjoyable and he was very attentive! Since we both had cheesecake the previous night we decided to forgo it, even though I definitely wanted it!

After The Cheesecake Factory we made a beeline for L'Occitane. Oh what a wonderful store!!! It smells like Heaven. Let me tell you, I walked in not needing a single thing and left with 6 soaps, perfume, lip gloss and hand lotion! I officially broke the bank for that trip! But oh man did that car smell good as we were driving home! RA bought stuff too so her car smelled exactly like the store!

With both of our wallets lighter but with huge smiles we made our way back to the 101 and home passing through beautiful Santa Barbara, where unfortunately we didn't stop because we'd spent all our money!!

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even the bags are beautiful!
even the bags are beautiful!
my favorite soap!! the honey lemon…
my favorite soap!! the honey lemo…
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