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My Wicked Playbill!!!!
I can never sleep well in unfamiliar beds or without my fiance so I woke up quite early for me- between 6:30 and 7 am. RA woke up at the same time so she got up and started getting ready while I lounged in bed finishing my magazine and checking out the gorgeous morning view from the windows. Eventually we were both ready and in our “Wicked” gear- which was perfect for having breakfast in the hotel dining room because all of the other guests were rich and dressed to the “9’s”. We walked downstairs to the restaurant where we were greeted by the most amazing buffet I have ever seen. The hostess asked if we wanted the champagne brunch buffet but we found out that it was $75 a person!! So we declined and told her we were looking for a lighter breakfast.
Yay we made it!! Me in front of the Pantages!! It's only a coincidence that I'm wearing green.... And I swear my sunglasses aren't missing a lense, I have no idea why one looks like it's missing.
She directed us the the hotel dining room instead which does breakfast. Thank god for that because I was not about to pay for a $75 buffet!!! I didn’t even spend that much at H&M!!! The breakfast buffet in the dining room was $21 but completely worth it. Every breakfast item you could have wanted was there and it was all you can eat!! It was a great way to start out the day!!! I completely filled up on eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. Yum! That breakfast completely filled me up and I didn’t eat again until dinner at 6 p.m.! When we were all packed up and ready to head out we checked out at the front desk and I paid my outrageous $18 phone bill (I had to call my fiance in the UK for literally 2 minutes- it's a long story....). After pulling over the consult our map we were on our way to Hollywood!!!!!! Fortunately the trip was really fast- RA told me that our 20 minute trip could have been an hour + on any other day- we felt pretty lucky! We drove through the gorgeous Griffith Park/Los Feliz area with the palatial homes and incredibly expensive apartments.
my ticket again!!!
I've never seen so many Porsches and Jags parked outside of apartments!!! It was amusing how quickly these expensive homes with perfectly manicured yards turned into the run down area around Hollywood Blvd. I'm sure tourists are pretty disappointed when they see Hollywood and particularly Hollywood Blvd. It's pretty seedy around there!! Parking was really easy to find. Big signs announcing the "Pantages Theatre Parking" were on either side of the Blvd. We dumped the car off and walked to Hollywood Blvd. I am so bummed that at this point my phone battery died so I couldn't take any photos. The Theatre is gorgeous and of course there were huge signs announcing Wicked! Since we were an hour early (they let in 45 minutes early) we decided to check out some of the shops.
collage from wicked. this is in my program but I obtained this photo from a site so hopefully that's okay... These are the Broadway performers (not ours).
The shop we spent the most time in is the Blue Iguana- a large vintage clothing store. I saw a few things that I liked but the clothes were a bit overpriced and some of them were not my size. There was an amazing Mexican embroidered skirt with sequins that was gorgeous close up but from the mirror across the room I looked like Vegas! On reflection I should have purchased it because it was really fun and I could have gotten away with wearing it to work. I should have gone outside of my box. Oh well, a lesson learned there! When we arrived back at the Pantages the crowd had grown two fold!! Fortunately we already had our tickets so the line that we saw was for people picking them up or purchasing last minute. I bought my program ($20), purchased a fridge magnet and a water then we were ready to find our seats.
my ticket!!
We debated for a long time on what tickets to purchase 3 months earlier. The tickets were totally steep ($160 each) but well worth it. There were even more expensive seats but we decided our budget just couldn't do it. RA would have paid more for what we thought would have been better tickets but I just couldn't afford it. Boy were we surprised when we got there!! We had amazing seats!!!!!! I would not have wanted them any closer than they were or we wouldn't have been able to see everything. We were in seats 203 & 204 in Row P- center right. They were freakin' fabulous!!!!! You could feel the excitement in the whole theatre. You could tell that every person there was just a-tingle with anticipation! It made for a great atmosphere!!! I'd have to say that it's probably best for adults or young adults.
closer up. These pics are terrible quality because I took a pic of the picture on my cell phone. I'll scan them properly when I get home....
There were a few young children there and there are some scary parts as well as the fact that it's a long production and they got completely bored. We had super fidgety kids behind us so that was distracting. At one point one of the kids was doing the most annoying high pitched whistle. I don't hate children but oh man, I wanted to turn around and put tape on that kid's mouth!!!
I won't talk about the production in great detail because I don't want to ruin it for anyone hasn't seen it. Fortunately I didn't really know much about it because it was different from the book- so I was pleasantly surprised by the storyline. I will say that the set design was gorgeous! The costumes were stunning- the dress that Elpheba wears at the end is so gorgeous that I wanted it (it's the old Goth coming out of me from high school)!
About an hour and a half through is intermission. It was a much needed chance to stand up but other than that I was feeling great! The show was knocking my socks off. Our Glinda was the under study but whoa! she was amazing!!! She had tons of energy! Glinda's character is hyper and endearing even though she's really shallow and bratty in the beginning. You just know she gets better! I'm not a huge fan of musicals but the singing in this production only served the enhance the dialogue. It wasn't cheesy and it didn't feel out of place. There was really only one song that I remember and that's "Popular". I remember that one because Glinda was all over the place and it was so funny!
dansgirl1978 says:
Oh gosh, I didn't take any pics of any stars! That must be against the law for anyone traveling to Hollywood! The truth is I forgot my conventional camera so I was using my camera phone and the battery died that morning so I couldn't take any pics.....
Posted on: Sep 07, 2008
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My Wicked Playbill!!!!
My Wicked Playbill!!!!
Yay we made it!! Me in front of th…
Yay we made it!! Me in front of t…
my ticket again!!!
my ticket again!!!
collage from wicked. this is in my…
collage from wicked. this is in m…
my ticket!!
my ticket!!
closer up. These pics are terrible…
closer up. These pics are terribl…
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