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The streets were a little flooded
Unfortunately our shooting schedule I use the word schedule loosely had been delayed due to rain & eventually what turned into Storm Julio. While sitting at the boat dock/jetty waiting for the rain to subside entertaining ourselves by watching the local fisherman pull their boats essentially their livelihood from the water. We ran into our friends from Santa Ignacio Theodora & Len... what a coincidence. We huddled together & decided to grab a bite to eat & wait it out. Not realizing this wasn't just any old rainstorm. I guess the fisherman taking their boats out of the water should have been a hint that we hadn't seen the worst this storm had to offer just yet.

When you are on the road constantly moving around it is difficult to stay abreast of all the current events like watch out a tropical storm is heading your way.
LOL So back to the story... After dinner we decided to street camp & do it together for added protection (for those of you who don't know what street camping is you basically pull over on the side of the street a parking space if you will & sleep in your car, truck, camper etc.) We found what we believe to be the safest & best spot close to a semi-public restroom & right next to a cell tower that was inconspicuously doubling as a very tall palm tree said our good nights & tried to sleep. Half in & out of sleep I dreamt we were in a boat drifting away down the street LOL oh how true that almost was.

The next morning I awoke to be told that we did in fact almost float away that the waters that were rushing past the cars had come dangerously close to creeping into Len's & Theodora's vehicle. We had made it through the worst part of the storm or so we thought. Seems as though the roads both North & South of us had been washed out & it would be some time before we could leave.

I guess we better find something constructive to do. hummm.
montecarlostar says:
WOW a flood in Baja... I thought it could never happen, with the low amount of rain on the region!
Posted on: Apr 09, 2011
sylviandavid says:
Yikes.... We did the same thing long ago with Hurricane Andrew... (we felt so lucky to be driving along south and north the traffic was bumper to bumper... duh .. going the wrong way! Luckily we stopped to eat and a 7 year old told us.) Glad you were ok... Sylvia
Posted on: Nov 29, 2008
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The streets were a little flooded
The streets were a little flooded
draining back to the sea
draining back to the sea
photo by: swhayden