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I just popped up & it was there =) one of my favorite pictures I took while I was in Mexico
After a soggy evening we headed for some breakfast at Cafe Ole' yummy. We needed our energy for the large task at hand which was to get chocolate clams. We needed them for our shoot at Hotel Oasis. Then we wandered around town for a bit surveying the damage from the storm. A lot of puddles & water abound but didn't really see much damage to property other then some flooding here & there. Then headed over to this beautiful beach where we did some snorkeling & checked out the scene. Yup there are clams here, sneaky suckers. Saw some wild horses making their way down the beach one of the many picturesque thing I have seen on this trip so far. Cooked up some good eats in the vanagoo, picked a sweet spot near the edge of the water to camp out & called it a night. More snorkeling & clam digging to do tomorrow.
Underwater filming


Have underwater camera will film, have snorkel will clam dig or so I thought LOL. So I am not sure I have this clam digging thing figured out just yet. We were in water about 4-9 feet deep I have my bag I think I can figure out where the clams are... look for two holes in the sand close together. Ok got it I think... ohhh man I see the holes this one is all mine here I go (that is after I figured out how to dive with a snorkel on - luckily my snorkel had this nifty thing on it that closes up when you go under the water.) so I reach for the clam, dig in the sand, dam it got away. I am a lot more buoyant then I should be for clam digging. So after a few hits & misses I think I was able to get about 5-6 LOL. Kyle got like 30-40.

Ok that was fun bring on the fish.
Fugo do not eat me!
Snorkel, snorkel, snorkel yay I finally reached the rocks where I knew there would be beautiful sea life for me to get lost with. OMG there were eels, all sorts of tropical fish, star fish, sea creatures were abound. It was mesmerizing. I could have spent all day there just watching the fish be fish. But off to Hotel Oasis to drop off the clams for our great clam bake footage. They needed about 24 hours to prepare everything so we had some time to kill.


Chocolate clams time went back to Hotel Oasis to prepare for our shoot. They prepare the clams right on the beach with special herbs for taste. The clams were meticulously placed just so for full flavor. This will be my first time eating chocolate clams & wasn't sure what to expect. Let me just say they do not taste like chocolate so do not be fooled by the name. LOL We will be leaving tomorrow after some b-roll shots of town & heading out to this surfing spot before we hit up La Paz to catch the auto ferry to the mainland. Adios Loreto.
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I just popped up & it was there =)…
I just popped up & it was there =…
Underwater filming
Underwater filming
Fugo do not eat me!
Fugo do not eat me!
photo by: swhayden