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Standing at the border USA side
Hola... LOL Crossed the border an adventure all in itself. I am happy to say I now have a stamp in the ol' passport. We drove from the border quickly through Tijiuana & ended up at Puerto Nuevo. At first glance it reminded me of parts of the Bronx with street hustlers all around. They were asking if you wanted lobster... Choo wan lobster??? You need to come in here. Then there was the one guy who offered us the lobster quaaludes . LOL

We stopped to have a bite to eat before we headed to bed & were sitting around listening to the mariachi when a nun in full garb walks over to ask for a donation. I gave her a couple bucks but I couldn't help but stare because she was a japanese nun who spoke perfect spanish. I thought that was a little unusual. So anyway there was food to eat. I was munching out on some tacos when I realized I was hearing a woman sing with the mariachi so I turn around only to see the japanese nun singing spanish songs with the most beautiful voice.
Driving down the road to Puerto Nuevo
I paused & thought to myself I wish I had my frigging camera because no one is going to believe me.

The night ended up having meeting some amazing people who were at the campsite. A Japanese man & his Mexican girlfriend. Daichi the guy is a translator here in Mexico & speaks 3 languages fluently. He was without doubt one of the most interesting people I have met in a long time. He moved to California from Japan & learned how to speak english from the surfers there. Then he moved down to Mexico & learned how to speak spanish from the surfers in Mexico.

Well that's about it for now. So much stuff to write & so little time.

8/3/08 - Puerto Nuevo

Got up early this morning with natures alarm clock... The Rooster. LOL I bet you didn't know it has a built in sleep timer.
El Mirador
We spent the whole day shooting in Puerto Nuevo. Although there were many good restaurants in this tiny town we focused on Villa Ortega's The restaurant had three levels the main was a street level indoor seating & the other 2 levels were perched on the side of this mountain which was right on the pacific. Needless to say it was beautiful & the food, OMG the food was amazing. They had not only the best lobster for miles but they had this dish called papagayo which is huge shrimp wrapped in bacon with some sort of creamy sauce. Can you say yummmmmmmy.

On our way down to Ensenada we stopped at this vista point called El Mirador. Pulling off the highway on to the first of many dusty roads I didn't really see anything I was going to be impressed by. But the closer we waled to the edge it all started to come into view. And what a view it was it was breath taking. I have never seen anything like it before. Absolutely Amazing!
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Standing at the border USA side
Standing at the border USA side
Driving down the road to Puerto Nu…
Driving down the road to Puerto N…
El Mirador
El Mirador
Puerto Nuevo
photo by: msbee78