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On the road again... =) oh man look super taco let's stop & grab a bite to eat. I could definitely go for some fish tacos right about now. I think I will try to order all alone, my spanish is getting better everyday. But it always sounds better in my head for some reason my lips did not get the memo... hey lips we are now speaking spanish so act accordingly. Even when I speak spanish people have a hard time understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth. So I resorted to touristy hand gestures. The tacos are prepared fresh & there were all these delicious looking sauces & toppings to choose from. I will have a little of this & a little of that. Ohhh look guacamole I LOVE guacamole. I will definitely have some of that. Off to sit & enjoy the tasty goodness that lay before me.
Yummy but wait why is my mouth on fire. Holy crap, holy crap what the hell is making my mouth burn. I think it's this green stuff which by this point I am convinced is not guacamole. I wont be doing that again. After going back to survey the spread I see the real guacamole oops LOL.

After that debacle with the guacamole I was interested in having something a little more that felt like home. La Paz a booming city in comparison to the small towns we had been stopping in along the way and they had a Burger King. So we decided to eat our dinner there. Not quite like home but close enough for me no green sauces to worry about here. After eating myself to content Kyle & I headed out to walk the malacone which on this night was packed with families, teenagers and couples all with the same thing in mind.

Tomorrow we will be picking up our tickets & leaving on the ferry to head over to Topolobampo. The adventure continues...


Found the hard to find Baja Ferry office (word of advice if you are going to be going there find out where it is prior to getting to La Paz you will thank me later), got our tickets, got some ice cream & headed to the ferry. Kyle & I had to split up when we got there he drove the car in & I had to wait with all of the other passengers. I was able to secure a good place on line & was one of the first few people on the boat.

I had planned on working on my blog, importing some footage & photos during the 4 hour trip across the sea. So we got a sweet table in the dinning area in the front of the boat.
We grabbed some food, I opted to go with the ramin noodles except these were special Mexico ramin noodles, no beef or chicken to choose from. So I went with the next best thing shrimp, lime & jalapeno ramin noodles. Yet again I was fooled, my sensitive american pallet was burning once again. LOL Let me just add a note that I normally do not eat anything that is spicy or hot with the only exception being wasabi so I am even more sensitive to spicy things because I am not used to them. I have no tolerance. LOL Kyle grabbed a bite & ran into a very nice girl named Gwen that was traveling with a large group of people from countries all around the world called up with people. had a nice chat with her, I was able to get all the stuff done that I needed to do, saw the most amazing sunset then we were there. Yippe Topolobampo
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La Paz
photo by: monky