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Left the desert & moved on to the Sea of Cortez... Bahia de Los Angeles to be exact. I had no idea what to expect I had never been to the Sea of Cortez. As we drove down & up the winding Mexican highway the Sea of Cortez was slowly revealed to me. It was beautiful, bright blue waters contrasted by the huge mountains in the distance.

We went to a camp site that Kyle had been to many times before, we sat & spoke with his friend Antonio who owned the campsite & surrounding property. He was a very well spoken intelligent man & we spoke for a long time about many things ranging from real estate to international politics. It was a very interesting conversation. Even though we spoke with Antoinio for a long time it seemed to have passed very quickly. Almost too quickly.

We moved to set up our camp site near two of the biggest palapas on the property. They came equipped with these interesting handmade cots. Which came in handy for a quick nap. It was very hot here much more so then in some parts of the desert which seemed weird because we were on the water. But I guess that is just how it is in Mexico in August.

After some exploring & trying to catch a glimpse of the whales that Antoinio & his wife had seen by the lighthouse down the beach and having no luck we headed back to fall asleep under the stars in our handmade cots.

The next morning I opened my eyes to catch the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen (granted I haven't seen many LOL I am usually sleeping). My mesmerized glare at this beautiful scene was interrupted by a seagull squawking, which made me laugh out loud because it sounded like he was laughing.
All in all a very memorable moment for me.

We moved on from our campsite down the road a bit to a small beach that had crystal clear water so we could do some snorkeling. It really is a whole different world in the sea. It was so enchanting. I could have stayed down there for hours. But you start to get wrinkly after a while. I got to see a bulls eye puffer aka fu go, bass, starfish, stingrays, needlefish & a bunch of other really cool things. It was so much fun.

After snorkeling we moved on to another area of the beach so we could do some fishing. On the second cast out Kyle caught a yellow tail aka jurel. A fish he had been trying to catch for years. He wasn't exactly sure what he had caught because it is thought that you can not catch a yellow tail from the shoreline.
They are a deep sea fish & get very large. So the poor fish had taken a good portion of the lure & by the time that Kyle was able to free him it was too late. Not knowing exactly what kind of fish we had & not wanting to waste it, we walked it down to some locals who were down the beach. When we got there Kyle asked what type of fish it was and he was really surprised when the excited woman who just got a top of the line fresh yellow tail handed over to her for free said, "Jurel". In return for their free fish they gave us some tostadas with home made ceviche with yellow tail. So we did get to eat some yellow tail that day just not the one Kyle caught.

The next day we headed into town so I could submit my video how to kayak video to the Travel Channel. They had accepted my submission & I was very excited to make the suggested changes & get it back to them ASAP.

The rest of the time in the Bay of LA was pretty lazy it was way too hot to move. Even if you didn't move you were hot.
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Bahia de los Angeles
photo by: msbee78