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Big Bear Lake Cabin
Left yesterday at about 5:30 am & made it to LAX around 10:00 am local time from there to the fetch my bags, then onto a bus that took me from LAX to Union Station.

Very interesting bus ride lots of new things to see. It was very smoggy so I wasn't able to see as far off in the distance as I would like. But being able to look off a little in the distance & see mountains was something brand new for me. I will be experiencing a lot of brand new things on this trip & I am excited for each & every one of them.

From Union Station I hopped on the Metro Link to San Bernardino. It was about an hour & half to two hour ride. Passed through about a dozen stops along the way. The coolest part was the train itself.
It had an upstairs & downstairs area. I opted for the up so I would be able to see more from the windows.

Kyle picked me up from San Bernardino then it was on to my first taste of California (I was starving, they don't feed you very much on the plane these days.) In & Out burger. It was really tasty although I would have eaten just about anything at that point. It reminded me of Juicy Lucy's except the burgers had some sort of special sauce on them which was like big mac sauce. Yummy yummy.

Then to Trader Joe's to pick up rations for our few days in the cabin in Big Bear. On our journey up here I had one of the most amazing views of all the mountains. It was spectacular... awe inspiring even. As we rose past any elevation that I am used to living basically at sea level my ears popped. We drove past 5000 feet then to 6000 all the way to 8000. I don't think I have ever been this high & still on land. Yet another new experience to add to the on going list.

So far I have seen chipmunks, woodpeckers, squirrels & about 25 bears (carved out of wood, no real ones). But good thing Chrissy & Tatiana insisted on me bringing mace it will come in handy if a bear decides he wants to make friends. LOL The weather is perfect although it did get a little chilly last night. But chilly for me meant it was in the 50's.

Lots of stuff to do today. Equipment checking, test shooting & planning. Off to be creative.
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Big Bear Lake Cabin
Big Bear Lake Cabin
Big Bear Lake
photo by: boxinbcn