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Greetings from India,

I have decided to dedicate this blog to the bucket shower, something I have come to know quite well over the past week and a half.  In India, there is often a water shortage, and in efforts to conserve this precious commodity, someone came up with an ingenious idea known as the bucket shower.  I don't know who to pay homage to for this marvelous invention, but I will explain the details of how this contraption works in the blog below.

Basically, you have a bucket.  Now, these buckets range in size from short and wide to tall and narrow.  They are big enough for you to stand in, but you don't want to do that.  First you take your bucket and fill it up with water.  Mind you, the water in India is not known to be the safest thing around, so it's often best to use filtered water for your hoo-ha area and any other crevaces that may expose you to contamination.  This concern has been thought of, and a small cup the size of a quart comes included with every bucket shower extra charge.   So, you fill this cup with filtered water for brushing teeth, face, and any other personal areas that may need looking after.  Once the bucket is full, you begin lathering up with soap and the water from your bucket.

Now, remember that I told you not to stand in your bucket.  Unfortunately for us westerners, India doesn't come equipped with bathtubs.  You basically stand in the middle of the bathroom and proceed to dump the water over your body by the bucket-load which then flows down the drain next to the toilet. 

Rinse.  Lather.  Repeat as needed.

Once soaked from head to toe, you grab the squeegy from the corner and clean the floor.  Otherwise, you will slip the second you take a step...literally...and the floor will take hours to dry in monsoon season.  Once clean, you can towel dry and pour any remaining water into the drain for disposal. 

Voila!  You've just taken a bucket shower.  It's not that bad, honestly.  I've managed to get pretty good at it actually, and I can get away with only filling up my bucket 1/4 of the way full.  I've devised an ingenious tactic of washing my hair first with my head upside down and recycling the water into the bucket to bathe the rest of my body with.  Personally, I think it's ingenious because I still get washed up, but I'm saving even more water than most people.

Anyway, hope you are all doing well and I'll chat with you soon.


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photo by: jeaniejeanie