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Lena with her breakfast and the bags waiting outside the Washington Station.
The next morning we wake up early, to early for me, and head out for the train station. But here's where another little thing happens that only adds to the idea that this trip may be cursed. We get almost out of the neighborgood when my stepmom (bwitch16 on here) decalres that we have to go back to the house becasue she forgot t put her rings on, including her wedding ring. So becasue both the parentals got on my brother and I to not forget anything, we got on her. It was well deserved.

So after heading back to get her rings and a cd for the car, we were then off to the train station. It wasn't a long drive and we even got there about 45 minutes early. Lena and I read while we waited, I called my mom, I took some pictures and then they annouce the train arriving.
Me with the nice police doggy.
We take an elevator, a very old and rusty looking evelator up to the platform. A nice lady in the elevator with us was kind enough to mention that this elevator had gotten stuck before. It was...a very interesting experiance.

So we got on the train and we were off to the Washington Station. It was about a 30 minute ride and I don't remember much about it. Probably becasue it wasn't that exciting.

So we finally get into the Washington Station and I was so amazed. It was so pretty and so big. It is by far the best station I have seen. But when you consider that I've only seen three stations, it might not mean much. But it was so amazing. We had a good long layover, so we grabbed some breakfast and I got to pet a pretty doggy that was with a police man.
A pigeon I chased around the parking garage of the train station.
But not soon after an emergency alarm went off and everyone had to be evactuated. yet another event to push the thought that everything wasn't going to go as smoothly as we would want.

So after grabbing all of our luggage we trecked outside with everyone else, hoping that it wasn't anything serious enough to warrant a cancelation of trains. We started out just outside the doors but were ordered to move across the street away from the building. So after dumping our stuff and watching all the firetrucks and stuff pull up, dad and I decided to wander around outside and take somemore pictures. This place isn't just awesome inside but also outside. Except for the crazies that kept talking about how this was all set up by the alcadia and the goverment, it was really nice.
Part of the Washington Train Station, outside.

Finally everyone was allowed back inside and we settled in to wait for our train. Dad, Mike and I went exploringaround the station, dad and I with our cameras. I dragged them to the very top floor of the parking garage. Why? Becasue I wanted to see what it looked like that's why. After the exploration we came back and very soon it was time to go and get on the train. After we walked the length of the train three times becasue we didn't know where we were supposed to get on and no one else was being helpful, we finally got on and got settled in. This train ride was a lot longer then the first one, like...eight hours longer.

Lena and I read most of the time. Mike and dad watched movies on my laptop. We got to listen to this annoying woman threaten her chldren the entire time.
This is in the garden of the train station. I think it's a fountain.
And listened to the kid behind us watch Wrestling (yes it was that loud). We snacked and got up to use the bathroom, etc. At some point during the first hour of the train ride Lena and I performed the Baby Shark song and dance for my dad. He has the video on his page. The conductor walked past us and looked at us like we were insane, it was very amusing.

So we sat on the train for a eight and a half hours. It was an hour and a half late getting into Florence, South Carolina. There were a bunch of stops along the way, some at actual stations and some in the middle of nowhere. We even went through this one town in North Carolina where there was a sign on this theater building talking about getting Crunk With Christ. Very. But I was so glad to get off that train. Oh, and carrying a suitcase, a duffle, a laptop case, and my purse is a whole lot to cart around, especially in the small confines of the train. I swear my shoulders were going to fall off.

The next part of the adventure was Florence, South Carolina, but that's a tail all on it's own.
marksreynolds says:
Pack lighter, bring less! :)~
Posted on: Jul 23, 2008
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Lena with her breakfast and the ba…
Lena with her breakfast and the b…
Me with the nice police doggy.
Me with the nice police doggy.
A pigeon I chased around the parki…
A pigeon I chased around the park…
Part of the Washington Train Stati…
Part of the Washington Train Stat…
This is in the garden of the train…
This is in the garden of the trai…
Another view of the fountain.
Another view of the fountain.
Window in the Washington Train Sta…
Window in the Washington Train St…
Another window with some statues.
Another window with some statues.
View from the very top of the park…
View from the very top of the par…
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