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So we finally get into Florence, South Carolina. Now that we were safe where we were supposed to be, things would go better right? Naw.

After getting all our stuff and getting off the train, we discover that it's raining. Oh joy. We haul all our stuff through the tiny station and outside to the front, looking for the rental car that we thought was going to be there. But it wasn't and we didn't have a phone number for the rental car place. So as we stood around in the rain, trying to decide what to do this guy comes up and says, "Hey, wanna taxi?" He's old, gross, smells like smoke and puke, and his "taxi" is about in the same condition. But we get in his stupid taxi, absolutly petrified, and get him to drive us to the airport so we can get our rental car.

Lena and I sat in the back, and we were both very uncomfterble. It looked like he lived out of the van when he wasn't taxing people around. There were two full ash trays up front with him and claw marks on the ceiling. I looked up and then leaned over to lena and whispered, "Do I want to know why there are claw marks on the ceiling?" We just looked at each other and shivered and tried not to think about what he did with this thing.

Finally we get to the airport and get all our crap out of the back of his van and he tells us we have to pay $15 for the ride and $5 for every person. So we ended up dishing out $30 for a five minute taxi ride to the airport. Whatever, he was creepy, we wanted away from him, we paid the money. Never, ever take a taxi in Florence, especially if it's a van and an old creepy guy.

So we get to the airport and get our rental car. It was nice, leather seats, with that new car smell mixed in with the scent of leather. We had a nice, rainy drive throuhg Florence as we went in search of our hotel. The place looked like crap, and not very friendly, especially with it raining. But once we got to the hotel, things started to look up.

It was a really nice place. My dad (MarksReynolds) wrote a review on it in his blog. It was The Hilton garden In, so if you want to go and read his revive you can go and check it out. The pool was tiny and full of people, so we never really used that. But the breakfast was great and the bed was nice and comfy. I like soft beds, so if you do too these are awesome! We actually got a handicapped room, no idea why, but it was really spacious. As hotels go, it was pretty good.

After we checked in and got settkled in, we were all starving for real food and decided to go to the Outback Steakhouse we saw across the street from our window. My dad also wrote a review on this one, so go check that out too if you're interested. The waitress was really sweet. My dad, right before she came was like, "I haven't heard one good southern accent since we've got here." And what do you know, our waitress had one of the strongest I heard the entire trip. The food was awesome, as normal and it was a welcome comfort after the drama of the day.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to settle in for the night. After some time on my laptop andsome minor tv watching, it was lights out and off to sleep. My dad got a facebook, I was very amused.

The next day was full of exploring the mall and driving to North Myrtle Beach. But that's a tale for another day.
Roguefairy13 says:
oh shush
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
marksreynolds says:
Spell check :) hahahaha
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
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