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Goth Man...he was so cool.

The next morning I got a surprise when I awoke to find myself buried in pillows. My brother had decided it would be a good idea to throw as many pillows on top of me as he could. I didn't find it as humorous as he did.

Showers were taken and then we headed down for breakfast. The people in the hotel restaurant were all very sweet and very awesome. The food was pretty good, but I didn't like my omelet much. I've really only eaten the omelet's my dad makes, so it might have been why I didn't like the one the restaurant made. Plus, eating breakfast food out hasn't been something I am fond of.

After breakfast we packed up, checked out and went on an adventure. We had a good couple of hours before we had to be at the house, so we all decided to head to the mall that we saw from our hotel window.

Lena riding in a kiddie car in the mall.
It wasn't hue, but it was a pretty good size. We did some window shopping, looking around, and dad and Mike actually bought a few things. Saw this really nifty looking guy in the Spencers. He was a total goth and dressed the part completely. So awesome.

We got a call from my grandparents, letting us know that they had gotten into the house early and we should come on up, so we got back on the road. The drive was only about an hour or two, so it wasn't that bad. The house wasn't huge and not as nifty as some of the others we had been in, but it was pretty cool. There was enough room to park all our cars and more since the house was off the ground and you were able to park under it. If you walked under the house toward the back you ran into the hot tub and small pool. It was only three feet deep and not very long, but still good for cooling off and swimming laps in.

Me riding in the kiddie car in the mall. I was surprised I actually fit...kinda.
Which I did almost every night.

After you went up the stairs and inside you came int the kitchen/dining area. The living room was to your right with a couch, two chairs and a big screen. To the left was a big open space with the pool able and a door that led to a small balcony with stairs leading down to the pool/spa area. The set of stairs directly to your right led up to the second and third levels; all of which held bedrooms. My brother got a room to himself on the second floor, while I got my own room on the third floor along with dad and Lena's room. My room was right down the hall from them and I had to share their bathroom, but things were still nifty. My room was pretty big, had a TV, a huge walk-in closet, and a sliding door that lead to the balcony that connected with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Sharon's room.

After getting settled in I went with my Grandma, Aunt Sharon, and Aunt Angie to go shopping for groceries. We got lost and had an adventure but we did finally find the Sam's Club. Along the way my Aunt Sharon made note of where the hospital was, mostly because her family had a tendency to get injured on these trips. After getting all we would need for the week we head for home.

We put in a frozen pizza and a lasagna for dinner and everyone kinda lazed around. After munching on some pizza I stole my Uncle Danny, Dad, and Lena and we all went down for a walk on the beach. The sunset was so pretty. We got back home just as the lasagna was ready and I grabbed some of that as we watched some more TV. The I headed up to bed, had some computer time and then off to bed.

The next day was bound to be an interesting one.

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Goth Man...he was so cool.
Goth Man...he was so cool.
Lena riding in a kiddie car in the…
Lena riding in a kiddie car in th…
Me riding in the kiddie car in the…
Me riding in the kiddie car in th…
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