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Under the Pier

It always seems that whenever I'm out of my own house, I wake up earlier then normal. But this week was different. I always seemed to wake up sometime between 9am and 10:30am. This first morning was no exception. After waking up and taking a shower I headed downstairs for some breakfast.

Today was full of beach time. I got to go swimming with my dad and sunbath with my step mom. I never really understood what was so great about sun bathing until I tried it. It is so very relaxing. And what girl doesn't like a good tan?

Went on a walk with my dad, Uncle Danny, Step mom and cousin Cody down to the pier and back, that was pretty nifty too. My dad got pinched by a crab when he tried to dig it out of it's hole. Tehe.

Logan's 4th Birthday Cake
Silly daddy.

After some more beach time we all headed back to the house and had some lunch. Lena, dad and I all walked down to the beach store down the street to get a birthday present for my cousin Logan, who turned four. After looking around the store and getting what we needed we walked back to the house. On the way home we saw my brother Mike and my cousin Cody walking back to the house too. This was certainly a shock, since my brother and Cody never really got along that well. Both my dad and I were shocked, we were surprised Mike hadn't pushed Cody into the road yet.

We caught up to them and we all walked back together in time to sit around and wait for dinner to be ready. I sat by the pool with the guys as they cooked chicken on the grill and I read my book.

My uncle being a complete dork while we wait for everyone to get in their cars and go mini-golfing with us.
Dinner was very yummy and afterward we all sang happy birthday to Logan and ate cake.

Later that night everyone, except my dad who went fishing, went out mini-golfing for Logan's birthday. We went to The Black Pearl Golf Course, Logan loves pirates. Lena, Cody and I were on our own team and I won, beating both Cody and Lena. There were ducks and fish there that you could feed in the pond and that was pretty cool too. It was a lot of fun, I love mini-golf.

After everyone was done we headed for home. My dad was still fishing so Cody, my brother and I went down to the beach to look for him. We were expecting there to be little crabs running around but we were sadly disappointed. With no crabs and nothing else interesting happening, plus the flashlight was dying, Cody and I headed back to the house.

After everyone was back home a card game broke out between my grandmother, Uncle Danny, Lena, dad and I. It lasted well into the wee hours, I think we got done around one. Rummy then became my new favorite card game, and I was pretty good at it too.

Finally I headed off to bed, awaiting the next wonderful day.

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Under the Pier
Under the Pier
Logans 4th Birthday Cake
Logan's 4th Birthday Cake
My uncle being a complete dork wh…
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