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Courtnie & Lena being silly.

I got up around 7:30 am this morning, even after being up late playing cards and doing shots last night.

Coffee was being made by Wes while one of my nephews watched cartoons on the big TV in the living room. My step brother Chris was also up with his 11 month old daughter Camryn.


I planed on making breakfast for everyone this morning, so I started getting set up. As people started waking up and coming down stairs, I started cutting up the 5 or 6 leftover baked potatoes from last night into ½ to 1 inch cubes and frying them in a little olive oil. Then I started cooking some bacon and sausage. Lena set up the plates and silverware, lined up the glasses and poured orange juice and/or milk for those that wanted that, while Courtnie went around and wrote down how everyone wanted their eggs cooked and how many they wanted.

One of the big kitties!
Once I had the list, it was just a matter of cooking it all up. A lot of eggs over easy frying in one pan three or four at a time, and eggs scrambled with some cheese melted on top in another. Lena was dropping bread or English Muffins in the toaster for those who wanted that as fast as I could plate the various orders of eggs. It all seemed to come together very nicely, and all most everyone was sitting at the table eating at the same time…while the food was still hot! (patting myself on the back)


Once the kitchen was cleaned up, the swimming suites were put on and the suntan lotion was applied for a day on the beach. It was another beautiful day at the beach swimming, boogie boarding, taking walks, people watching and just laying in the sun!

Around 1:00 pm, I was getting hungry and was ready to go back to the house for some lunch.

The four month old cubs playing.
After lunch, we spent some time in the pool before showering to go out and explore a shopping area called Barefoot Landing.


Barefoot Landing is a large spread out shopping area with many restaurants, more than 100 specialty and retail shops, a 27-acre lake, and a reptile zoo. You can also catch a live show at the Alabama Theatre, and of course there is the T.I.G.E.R.S Preservation Station. This is the main reason we went here because you can see, and have your picture taken with a tiger cub! For more stuff on Barefoot Landing, here is thier web site.

When we first arrived at Barefoot Landing, we were a bit lost, so we walked into an “information station” to ask directions to the tigers.

It turned out we walked into the information station for Windham Resorts. The nice “sales man” behind the counter told us where to find the tigers, and then asked where we were from and what our plans were while we were in Myrtle Beach. We told him we were planning on going to Hard Rock Park the next day, and he said he could get us discount tickets and all we had to do is attend one of their 2 hour vacation resorts seminars. The entrance fee for Hard Rock Park is $55.00 a person, that’s $220.00 for all four of us, so when he said he could get us in to the park for $70.00 for all four of us, we said sure, we’ll listen to you try and sell us a resort package if we can save $150.00. So, Lena and I made the appointment for 8:30 am the next morning to attend the seminar, and then we found our way to the T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station. This is just a small spot set up in the shopping area where you can see some of the tigers they have, and get your picture taken with one, or two of them! You can also have your picture taken with a monkey if you like.
They have a large preserve located south of here where you can pay to take the full tour and meet all of their animals. The full tour was way out of our price range, but if we would have known about it before, we would have budgeted for it! The sign at the station said the animals don’t get there until 5:00 pm, so we had an hour to walk around and check out all the shops. When it was time, we made our way back to the tigers and got in line with all the other people that were there to see the tigers. It didn’t take long to pay our picture fee, and then get in line again to sit with the tigers. You had a choice to pay one fee to have your picture taken with one tiger, or the monkey, or pay slightly higher price to have your picture taken with two tigers, or one tiger and the monkey. We chose the two tiger option! They were so cute, and one of the handlers had a very young tiger cub she was carrying around with her. Most of the baby tigers were about four months old, but this little one was only one month old.
One of the handlers with the one month old.
When it was our turn, they placed one of the 4 month old tigers in Courtnie and Mike’s lap handing a bottle of milk to Mike to feed the tiger. Then, they handed the 1 month old cub to Lena. Once the picture was taken, we thought we were done, but they told us to hold out or hands in front of us, then they placed the monkey in each of our hands for another picture. Of course, they are so cute, you have to buy the extra pictures, but we didn’t mind because all the proceeds go to the tiger preservation. Also, we found out all the workers and handlers there are volunteers!  That was one of the greatest experiences we have ever had, and next time we will go for the full preservation tour! If you would like to see more on the tiger preserve, check out their web site at After our animal adventure was done, it was time to head back to the house for dinner.
Another shot of the handler and the one month old cub :)
Tonight, we’re fixing hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill with corn on the cob, and I can’t remember what else…salad I’m sure.


After dinner, I went back to the beach to try fishing. I fished well past dark, only catching about 5 baby sharks, and nothing else. Every one else was just relaxing at the house, some played pool, while others played cards or just watched TV. Lena and I went to bed shortly after I got back so we could get up and go to the dreaded seminar…the one so we could save $150.00 getting into Hard Rock Park.



bwitch16 says:
We're both lucky, it's really nauseating :-)~

Excellent description of our vacation that was way too short.

Posted on: Jul 31, 2008
missandrea81 says:
Well of course!!
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
marksreynolds says:
:) Thanks Andrea, but I think I'm the lucky one ;)
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
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Courtnie & Lena being silly.
Courtnie & Lena being silly.
One of the big kitties!
One of the big kitties!
The four month old cubs playing.
The four month old cubs playing.
One of the handlers with the one m…
One of the handlers with the one …
Another shot of the handler and th…
Another shot of the handler and t…
Lena, me, Courtnie & Mike with the…
Lena, me, Courtnie & Mike with th…
Courtnie with the monkey.
Courtnie with the monkey.
Mike with the monkey
Mike with the monkey
Lena and me with the monkey.
Lena and me with the monkey.
Courtnie & Mike with the four mont…
Courtnie & Mike with the four mon…
Lena with the one month old tiger …
Lena with the one month old tiger…
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