The night before we leave for Myrtle Beach, the bad omens begin!

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Finally Thursday night is here; the night before we leave for our vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I was hoping to get off work early, but noooooooooooooo, that was not to be. I actually ended up leaving later than I usually do!


7:20pm and I’m finally on my way out the door from work to pick up my daughter Courtnie (Roguefairy13, yeah she’s on here now too!) and son Mike, from their mom’s house in Davidsonville, about 10 or15 minutes from my job in Annapolis.


Now before I get too far along with this blog, most vacations have some glitches or foul ups along the way. But, this one had mishaps all along the way, right up to the very end, nothing horrible where someone had to go to the hospital, this time, but just inconveniences all along the way. But hey, it makes for a good story later on and we’re all home safe now. I guess leaving work late could be mishap #1


So, I pick up Courtnie & Mike, and they asked if I could make pizza for dinner. Since we are running a bit late, and making a pizza from scratch takes some time, I called Lena (bwitch16) and asked if she would start the dough for me. She was a bit hesitant at first, not that she can’t cook, she cooks better than me, but I’m the one that makes pizza from scratch, and she has never made this before. I talked her through the very easy steps of making the dough and told her to just let it sit to rise and to pre heat the oven for me and I’ll finish when we get there. When the kids and I got home, I checked the dough, all looked good, so I started to assemble the pizza. Once in the oven, we only had to wait 20 minutes before it was done. This gave me time to finish packing and to carry the luggage down to the front door to prepare for the early leave time in the morning.  

Now for mishap #2; Only 5 minutes to go on the cooking time and all is well, then the power goes out! Not just our house, but the whole neighborhood. What the hell! There’s no storms or bad weather and it’s not excessively hot, so why?? With only 5 minutes to go on the cooking time, I leave the pizza in for an extra 5 or 10 minutes just to be sure it is done while we start lighting candles all over the house. With the pizza done, we have our dinner by candle light and talk about our upcoming trip and what time we have to get up and leave the house so we can catch our early train out of Baltimore, near BWI airport.


After cleaning up, Courtnie & Lena, who are both big readers, share a flashlight and start reading while Mike and I make fun of their addiction to what ever books they are reading. This doesn’t last long, and we are soon all off to bed so we can get up at 4:00am to start our journey.


Oh yeah, the power does come back on in the middle of the night, so I have to get up and go around the house and turn everything off that was on before.


ticotom says:
good to hear that not only in Central America we lose power
Posted on: Sep 24, 2009
jennjeff1 says:
I thought Mytrle Beach had some wildfires recently? Expensive homes had to be evacuated as I recall....
Posted on: May 02, 2009
Lord_Mike says:
Hilarious! Congrats on your feature!!!
Posted on: May 02, 2009
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