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Man, if you are not from New York City nor from the States, New York is definetly not the place to get started. Its fucking overwhelming, the people seem to hurry as much as they can and the American way of life can sometimes be difficult to "digest". At least that was my experience when I arrived in New York.  But lets start, where I started! After having took the train to Penn Station I asked for the only place I could remember when I was asking this guy passing by: The Central Park! He just pointed me the direction and I started exploring New York. Fuck, it was that impressive, I felt like being in a movie, when I saw those huuge skyscrapers and big cabs passing by! It was unbelievable, those first moments in a city like New York. While I was walking, I couldnt stop goggling. When I casully arrived at Times Square I almost stepped into the famous series "Good Morning America". (finally there were too much people in the queue).  I continued my walk through Manhattan towards Central Park, being superimpressed, but supertired ( almost 25 hours without real sleep), and still not knowing where to stay this night! But thats doin a trip around the world, dude! Thats the way it is, and thats what I liked. Then I reached Central Park South. What an sophisticated park, what difference to those big, flashing, colourful flashscreens along Times Square. This was the part I began to like. I walked through Central Park, watching guys doing their morning walk with their dogs and, of course, the famous joggers running by. A really nice, enjoyable atmosphere is found in Central Park, where people come to relax from the unreal rush around them. (although it seemed to me, that New Yorkers never really calm down, they stay always rushing and moving, look at the joggers!) "Don't stop moving, ever" seems to be one of the unspoken mottos in New York City.  This fact, again, can be quite disturbing for people who are not used to this fast movement!

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