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How do I read this?
Well, my esteemed reader, thank you for making it this far, as I'm not entirely sure my writing skills warrant it.  =)  But, lucky for you, this day of our trip was relatively uneventful, as far as travel blogs go, as it was the day of the conference.  While the previous days were physically tiring, this day left us emotionally tired- the day was a rollercoaster of anger, happiness, tears, and laughter.  Generally though, we left that day with a bad taste in our mouths and decided we probably weren't going to return the second day.  Rather, we would enjoy the wonderful city surrounding us. 

The highlight of the day was when three of us returned to little Italy, in search of sustenance, and instead found a lovely little Chinese restaurant (right smack in the middle between Little Italy and Chinatown).  It was seriously the best Chinese food I ever had; I'm sad only because I cannot remember the name of the wonderful restaurant.  When we returned to the hostel, most of the other AIESECers (the ones we liked anyway) decided to come hang out so we all proceeded to get fantastically drunk, and the Austin leadership decided to engage in some serious strategy talk (as serious talk undoubtedly takes place in inebriated states =) ).  We all listed greivances we had with each other, particularly the leadership of our president, then started from scratch with a plan for the following semester.  It was kind of great. ;)
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How do I read this?
How do I read this?
Both of these pictures are courtes…
Both of these pictures are courte…
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