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When I first got here it was really rough, we had such a hard time because a lot of the people are so rude, they do not speak English ANYWHERE!!! Everything is so expensive too, the ruble conversion is 25 rubles to 1 USD. We went to dinner on the first night and had to get up and leave b/c we couldn't decipher the menu, even with the guide book! We are staying in a not so touristy part of town and when we found the touristy part it was much better because the menus are in english and russian! The Hermitage museum was very nice, quite large, but a little disappointing because the section with Russian art was closed! it is in the winter garden palace.

 It is so beautiful here, we walked along the canals and bridges of the rivers going through the town and looked at the palaces and the fortresses. The Church of the Saviour of the Spilled Blood is the famous one that looks like bubbles, and that was really cool. We took a tour of the city  historical sights and it was cool b/c it was in English and we went to all the most important places. Then we were tired so we sat in the park of the palace to rest and people actually wanted to practice speaking English with us. That was a nice change from the rudeness. I guess not everyone is rude just the majority, lol! I think Moscow will be better, we leave at 2 tomorrow afternoon for Moscow and I am very excited. I got some cool souvenirs today too, lol you know how much shopping makes me happy! I got matroshka dolls- 5 for $20 and I got 2 Russian military hats. I want to find cheaper souvenirs so that I can get something for everyone. Yesterday we got totally ripped off with the souvenirs, they charged $25 for one matroshka set, and they told us that the little enameled boxes were $400 at a street fair! yeah right like anyone would spend that much at a street fair!

We walked soooo much, but it is good b/c I slept the whole night through last night til late this morning and I do not even feel jet lagged anymore. The food is not bad, I have to remember to stop being cheap and just enjoy my time here instead of freaking out about the cost b/c the odds are that I will probably never come here again in my lifetime, maybe to Moscow again lol we shall have to see. I am really excited about Mongolia, I have been hearing such rave reviews, lol oddly enough! I loved the Hermitage it is an awesome art musem and it is in a beautiful palace. People who get married here go to take their wedding pics right in front of it b/c there are the rivers and fountains and palaces in the background and we had a great time laughing at their dresses..  They dress so skanky here! Everything is tight tight tight like painted on! They wear light clothes with dark colored thongs and boobs hanging out everywhere and the highest heels you ever saw in your life. Even just sightseeing! It was hilarious seeing them trying to walk along the cobblestones in their sky high heels. I don't know how they have such perfect bodies, they must not eat, but they all look like barbie dolls. Cannot say the same for the men, lol! There are not very many good looking guys at all.

The bus SUCKS because it just stops when it wants to. Twice the bus driver stopped and said that it was the end of the line when it was not supposed to be. I wonder if it is b/c we are "american". Dayna got offended b/c people are mistaking her for being russian, speaking to her as if she can understand. Its the blond... lol. She also got mistaken for an american because at the hotel they wrote your nationality and they wrote american even though they had her passport with a kangaroo and an emu. On the bus she was speaking to an english woman and she asked if Dayna was english! nobody knows where she is from, but she loves Russia so much that she is taking on the image of a Russian national. Tomorrow it is off to Moscow.

mewzak says:
We saw a lot of people walking around in high heels at the amusement parks in Japan too! They really looked like they stepped out of the japanimation cartoons!

I'm glad you are having a good time - make sure you take lots of PICTURES!!!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2008
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