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Heading down Oak Creek Canyon towards Sedona
We finally made it to Arizona around 4:30 PM, and it took another 3 hours to drive to Sedona. George has never been to Arizona, and though I've visited twice before, I had never entered from the East. What a different landscape! You can tell that you've entered Arizona by the red mesas that appear on the right and left of the interstate. George spent the three hours in the passenger seat taking lots and lots of pics of the mesas, Painted Desert, and rainclouds in the distance.

We stopped at Meteor Park, which is about 50 miles east of Flagstaff. I was going to stay with the kitty in the car while George explored the mile-long meteor, but then he decided not to go after all and we spent a few minutes taking photos of the surrounding landscape.
We'll definitely add the meteor to our lists of sites sans kitty next time around.

I took 89A south from Flagstaff to Sedona to give George a gorgeous view of the Coconino National Forest, canyons, and red rocks. Boy, no matter how many times I've been to this area, the drive is still spectacular. Ema started to get anxious with the winding, dramatic descent into the canyon, and she spent a great deal of the drive in George's lap. We had to drive through the gallery part of Sedona, packed full of tourists no matter what the season, as well as the business district. The drive took much much longer than expected, so I was ready to jump out of the car and stretch out my legs, as was Ema.

George checked in, and we got our first taste of the Sedona/Village of Oak Crest vibe.
He was told to fill out two forms requesting info about Ema and agreeing to meet mandatory requirements for pet behavior and care. Then when we got into the hotel room, we both noticed the sign in the bathroom listing an inventory of all the towels, etc. accompanied by a notice that if anything is removed or stained, or even if towels are left at the pool, guests will be charged. Instead of feeling relaxed and happy to be in such a beautiful location, I felt boxed in and stressed. It's amazing how rules and regulations can ruin a good mood.

For dinner, we walked across the street to Blue Moon Cafe, which I wouldn't really recommend. We ordered a pizza, and the cheese was super runny and greasy. The waitress brought over the check without asking if we wanted anything else and then wanted to know if we wanted the pizza boxed up while George was still eating it.
Coconino National Forest
George usually has a quick response to annoying people, so he said, "I won't know that until I've finished." I mean, seriously! Maybe she was having a bad day, because earlier I had heard her arguing with the cooks in the back. I guess she was just ready for her shift to be over, but we wanted a nice relaxed meal after a long drive. Oh well.

Tomorrow morning we're going to hike in Coconino National Forest in my favorite area, Belle Vista. I've been to the parking lot entrance twice before but never had the time to stop more than a few minutes to take loads of pics. This time I want to actually go in and explore. Honestly though, if we just drive straight to San Diego in the morning, that'd be okay with me. I don't think I like this Village of Oak Crest very much, and Sedona is way too crowded for my taste. A friend had recommended that we stop at Julian, an artist town not too far from Sedona. We'll have to do that on our next trip through here.

On the way to Sedona, I thought about all the wonderfully unique and colorful places we've visited in the past week, and I felt a little sad that our trip was nearing an end. George and I are really good travel companions, with only the occasional snippets of annoyances and grievances, which seem relatively minor considering how much time we've spent together in close quarters. Traveling with Ema has been a bit of an adventure, too, and I would certainly consider taking her on another trip, if need be. But really, I'm just not ready for my mini-vacation to be over, and I really really want to see more of the US with George. We could've easily stayed in New Mexico a few more days, but that will just have to be another trip another time. I have an anthropology conference coming up in late March/early April in Santa Fe, so hopefully then...!
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Heading down Oak Creek Canyon towa…
Heading down Oak Creek Canyon tow…
Coconino National Forest
Coconino National Forest
photo by: Fitnessguru729