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Route 66 Diner
Between the Route 66 detour, stops along the way, and rest breaks, it took us 11 hours to finally reach Albuquerque. We had noticed that Ema was getting restless and actually started meowing at one point, but we chalked it up to being in the car for a long time. Little did we know until we reached the hotel that she had peed in the back seat. Thank goodness we had put down bath towels for her to lay down on, and she just peed on the towels rather than on the actual seat. We couldn't be mad at her, 11 hours in the car is way too long, and she's nearing 15 years old and has put up with the long trip for several days without any problems. But we definitely learned a lesson, I had already considered that traveling along Route 66 would be a challenge since we couldn't stop for long or visit any museums, but her accident served as a reminder to keep the trips as short as possible.
How can you beat a restaurant that serves both Mexican and Greek along with horchata and watermelon juice? ;0)

After cleaning ourselves up at the hotel, I looked up recommended eats in the city. One guidebook recommended Route 66 Diner near the University of New Mexico, and it had received good reviews, so we drove down Route 66 again through town for dinner. And it was so tasty! The diner was decorated with neon signs outside and inside with '50s decor. My tongue was still burnt ;0) so I had to pick out all the green chiles in my dishes to my disappointment, but otherwise, the food was mighty tasty.

Of all the cities we've visited so far, I like Albuquerque the best. It's a small city with laid back people, at least as far as I could tell. George says I'm swayed by all the neon signs along 66 in the city, and maybe he's right, but regardless, I could really see us living there one day.

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Route 66 Diner
Route 66 Diner
How can you beat a restaurant that…
How can you beat a restaurant tha…
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