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Across from the welcome center in Bristol is a huge guitar.
My cousin had recommended stopping at each state's welcome center, so as soon as I saw the rest area sign in Bristol, Tennessee, we stopped for a break. As promised, the welcome center was chock full of info about the state, as well as locals with thick Appalachian accents, and I picked up a couple brochures and maps of Nashville and Memphis so my husband could browse and pick out what he wants to do. I've been to both cities before, although that was nearly 20 years ago, I don't necessarily feel the need to check out many tourist sites. However, he's never been, so I knew he's enjoy figuring out what sites he wants to see along the way.

It was a long long drive. Seven hours doesn't sound that long, but by the end, we, or at least I, had cabin fever.
Ema in her daddy's arms
I started counting down the miles once we reached 90 miles from Nashville and was very grateful to finally get to the hotel exit. I had picked LaQuinta hotels in each city since they allow pets, have a pool, and free wi fi. All equally important! Although perhaps the pet allowance more so. ;0)

Speaking of pets, Ema continued to chill during the long ride. She ended up preferring to lay in the back seat atop several items, and my husband and I would reach back to coo and cuddle her. Like us, she seemed pretty happy to finally get out of the care and into a new environment where she could actually stretch her legs. I sprayed down the hotel room before she came in, and like in Roanoke, she had to check out the room, but then settled down, ate some dinner, and laid down in the bed with me for the rest of the night. My husband says we should take her on all road trips with her. Ha! We're only into the second day of our trip, so we'll have to see how she acts by days 6 and 7. She might be ready to say to us, "Sayonora, 'rents!"

I managed to forget to pack my camera cord in my suitcase, so I can't post any pics yet. But as soon as I get a cord, I will.
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Across from the welcome center in …
Across from the welcome center in…
Ema in her daddys arms
Ema in her daddy's arms
photo by: diisha392