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It was my second time in Bangkok, upon arriving at the hotel I suddenly craved for Baskin-Robbin's. You see, in Manila the last Baskin-Robbins I had was during the late 90s. I just don't know what happened after that, there's not one single store I've seen since then.

I hurriedly went to Siam Square to get my strawberry shake and I strolled a little. Then when I was about to go up the BTS, i threw my cigarette butt on the sidewalk. Then I heard a whistle. A police man saw me. I immediately picked up the the cigarette butt and threw it inside my half-finished shake. WHAT THE?!?!

As the police approached me, he told me it's against the law to litter... "really now? with Bangkok streets like these?!?" I said to myself. I played ignorant, but of course ignorance it not an excuse to break the law. So that didn't work. He asked for my passport. I told him it's at the hotel. He showed me this piece of paper, where it's written that littering would cost me 2000Baht, If I don't pay the fine then I have to face deportation.

Oh man! I've only been in Bangkok for an hour max and you want to ship me back home. Of course, me being deported is out of the question - and for a cigarette butt... NO WAY! But still i'm not too sold on the 2000 Baht fine as I will still use the money for shopping. So knowing how corrupt these Bangkok policemen are, I told him that I only have 500Baht. And since I already have experience haggling at Patpong during my first visit (I told you i was unstoppable when it comes to that), we settled for 200 Baht. That's one less zero to you. Of course that's not only going to his pocket.

So, that's how i got myself out of that embarrassing situation. Everytime I travel now, I always bring a pocket ash-tray to avoid situations like this.
jaeWALK says:
i can be your travel guide yah! but i havent been to the beaches of thailand yet, so i have to do research on that. but i guess that would be easy to do.
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
jaeWALK says:
i still have to answer your post on the forum, i'll get to that tonight :)

by the way, there are cheap bargains in bangkok... hehe... you need to learn the art of walking away if the price is not right and then they will ran after you and give in to your price... so you really have to make it low low low low low
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
jaeWALK says:
yeah! wouldn't wanna waste money on fines. just shopping.
talk about priorities. haha!
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
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On my way back to the hotel from Silom after meeting up with Alex and gone clubbing.

Cabbie: Where to?
Me: Pechtburi - Soi Yi-Sib (Soi 20) near Panthip Plaza
Cabbie: On Holiday? First time in Bangkok?
Me: No, third time on holiday here.
Cabbie: Where from?
Me: Manila
Cabbie: Philipin and Thai look the same. You look good. I look good.
Me: (sure. why not?)
Cabbie: So you watch sex show?
Me: NO. (well in fact i did... twice already. i'm a liar)
Cabbie: You like girls or boys? You like to have sex?
Me: huh? with you?!?

kokfoo83 says: what it like when i going to batam...same thing they asked fren went to bkk,they drag her to gay and she-male show...even tot its not porn but a bit erotic,no doubt...but its irritating to drag ppl which they not want to
Posted on: May 14, 2009
jaeWALK says:
yes its like porn! live porn at that. they set it on stage and yes you get to see everything... while you drink beer.

there are times they go down from stage and do it a feet or two away from a certain audience, if you happen to be the lucky (unlucky?) one, then youll be so shocked by it.

then there are those women who can do wonders with their privates... smoke, shoot darts... they are like magicians. but that disgusted me.
Posted on: Jul 29, 2008
jaeWALK says:
oh yes! people definitely go to watch that. it's like after the Grand Palace, it's thailand's 2nd most popular attraction. hahaha! kidding! but yeah, a lot of people go watch that. it's actually i dunno... i felt sorry for the "performers" but it was also quite funny. ill blog about it sometime. haha!
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
photo by: Deats