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I will write more about the overnight camping trip in another blog (which by the way really was fantastic and something we would all definitely do again).  This is just my sleeping bag liner story.  Most of you who will be reading this know of my fear that I had about sleeping in something like this.  We arrived at camp after rafting for about 2 hours, hiked up a short hill and staked out two tents.  There were about 12 tent/cabins with 3 wood frames and a piece of foam and a sleeping bag.  The liner that they gave you was very clean and better than I thought.  It was a sheet sewen together to resemble a sleeping bag that you insert into the sleeping bag that has been used (by someone else), but I tried really hard not to think of that.  I darn near froze to death because I refused to get fully in the bag.  Anyway, things were going well, the tent/cabins were relatively very clean.  In fact, they were nicer than the hotel that we had stayed in the night before and without the smell (that's another blog).  Terry and I were getting our liners in our bags and our stuff settled in our cabin when Kelsey asked if I would help her get hers set up (why couldn't she have asked Terry?).  I went to help her, got her liner and went to put it in the bag and saw something grey with a long tail.  Had I not been with about 13 other people that I had just met 2 hours prior and had to spend the rest of the evening with and half of the next day, you would have probably heard my scream in New York, but I QUICKLY exited the tent/cabin and asked Terry very calmly if he would please help us out.  He got the sleeping bag and proceeded to shake out not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but SIX (yes six) baby moles.  I called it a mouse but was quickly corrected that it was a mole.  I didn't stay around  long enough to give it a thorough inspection and wouldn't know the difference between a mouse and a mole anyway.  They're both grey with long tales and gross.  It was one of the most disgusting experiences of my life even beating the dead bat story in PA.  If you haven't heard that one, ask me next time I see you and I'll tell you.  Needless to say, we didn't use that sleeping bag and I'm not quite sure I'll ever feel the same when I put my feet under the covers.  Other than that, the trip was really fantastic!!!  :) 
tocnoc says:
Glad you had a fun time in Bermuda! We could picture Ryan tweezing the cockroach--wish we could have a video playback. Hope you're enjoying the summer! Can't wait to see you when we get back to New York after August 10. August 17 we're having a family barbecue for Paige's 14th birthday. Hope you can make it.

Love, Dad & Nancy
Posted on: Jul 20, 2008
dani_ says:
hey guys!

Oh my gosh Nancy, that story is so funny. You handled that situation very well. Ryan and I just got back from Bermuda and in our hotel bathroom was a three inch long cockroach...and I ran screaming and jumping from the bathroom. Ryan thought I was over reacting and went check the situation out and quiclky fled the bathroom himself. He did save the day of course. He reports that he had to hit the thing seventeen times and admits it was too groos to pick up with a tissue so he tweezered it between HIS two flip flops and flushed it.

Sounds like you guys are having a great time. We miss you all.

Ryan & Danielle
Posted on: Jul 20, 2008
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