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So lately I've been trying to "train" my body for the party-fest that Las Vegas brings and the facts of it being a TB - Meet Up as well as it being the weekend I celebrate my birthday doesn't help me at all either. So here I sit with a box of "World Beers" which I purchased from some convience store, my encouter with Brett (Metsbwd) showed that I am a full wimp - 1. being that I cannot tolerate spicy foods 2. I have no experience with the different types of beers out there.  So here I sit, it sounds like rain, smells like rain - by george I think it must be raining!! Anywho since I am being the procrastinator that I am, I have yet to find a reliable carrier to supply my internet and cable/satellite needs. Thus making my night even more boring... but the good ol' faithful X-Box is there - shining like a sign from the big man himself! I am not quite in the mood for video games - more in the blockbuster night - just kinda gay (no offense to anyone per Donny!!) since i sit here ALL BY MYSELF... = (

So I take a gander of my small selection of DVD's, browsing - i think i am in the laughing kind of mood! I figure I haven't watched Adam Sandler in awhile so I picked out Wedding Singer and Click. Geez drinking beer after beer I think I got a little TOO caught up in the movie. In the Wedding Singer - I am in the same case of that guy he plays - I have done nothing in my life and of course nothing to show for it!! Geez that sure made me put my life in perspective. And... yeah.. simple enough - I just hope that someday I will find that girl I can GROW OLD WITH. After that tear jerker of a movie I popped in Click to help smoothe over the emotions and get me laughing. During that time - I don't rememeber how many beers I had to throw out due to lack of taste (just for the record I tried to drink it - almost got me puking!!), I wish I could remember the names or type of beer but I just couldn't read the labels!?!
Now came Click - hiliarious movie but of course I definately read more into it... I mean I thought it was honestly a movie about me... trying to sacrifice my family for the sake of my job. Numerous time have I had to bail of friends and family due to my cell phone ringing... and ringing. Such a sad sad thing to hear. Then came the part of why he fast forward himself till he got promoted. Since he bought his kids their new bikes and his wife that fancy new purse - but due to his boss being a boss he got screwed... = (  poor guy. I know I won't be on the top of the mountain till many more moons and I can only imagine what I would have to sacrifice in order to be top dog and expected to be paid like one. All I want is for my future family not to suffer like I did, I mean not having running water, electricity is hard on a growing kid. Also seeing how a "good" child wants something but the parents are unable to purchase that item - WOULD KILL ME! I would hate to be in that position! But yeah... Idk if I cried - but if I did... it was emotions well worth letting out. Crazy how I got so involved in such a movie... I could blame it on the alcohol but I think it was the inner "adrian" trying to come out...

freespirit3 says:
The only thing that builds your spicy tolerence (and beer tolerence) is downing it. Sounds like a trip out for some Chili Beer to cure both problems at once.

Wait, since it involves a trip to Cave Creek I guess that makes it an experience for you too!

If only we can find you a girl up there then all would be right in your world again :)
Posted on: Sep 22, 2008
metsbwd says:
Wow! I didn't realize how depressing a visit from me could be! :-( A shame we have the new carry-on liquid much more difficult to bring beers back from Europe, but next time I'm in town (or when you come to Europe), I'll show you some good ones!
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
acowboy says:
thanks Keith - always know what to say = )
Thanks Shirlan - I definately see myself writing country songs when I get older...
Thanks Sandy - i guess i can blame it on the beer quality.
Posted on: Sep 12, 2008
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