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My train ticket!!

****Fullmoon Party @ Koh PhaNgan****

The Fullmoon Party @ Koh Pha-Ngan is my dream placethat i should go before i am 30 year old!

hahaha because of what!?

 Because i do worry if i am over 30 years old, i will tooo old and it 's hard me to enjoy the crowd...hahaha.... (@     @) old i am now!!???

Ooopp..Dont asking about that!! Pleasssseee hehehe...15!? no! 20! no!...nonono..

How's crazy of this my trip!? I can definition it as " Sleepless trip"

Look at my schedule

Friday July 18, 2008..No time to sleep!!

10.00 AM : Call to book the ticket to Suratthani : They ignore!

12.00 PM: Go to buy a ticket by myself


My small stuff!! Can pack only one dress for fullmoon night!! GGGrrrr
00 PM: Finish my work...How 's sticky! if i do not take a show until tomorrow afternoon!! Almost 24 hrs!

-I need a shower!! but i have not enough time to go back home...where where is the place i take a shower!!!?? think think!! Aha...@ Fitness Center, California WoW!! Yeah Heah 

18.20 PM: Departure time of my train from BKK to Surathani....take about 11 hrs in the train!! GRRRR

Saturday July 19, 2008

6.00 AM.: Arrive Surathani Station --> port (By bus 1.45 hrs)---> Samui (By ferry 1.5 Hrs)

10.00 AM: I expect to arrive Samui !!!

-I will not lonely from nowon!!!I will hv my friend who head to Samui 3 days ago...and let's leave my small stuff at my friend 's hotel!!!! 

- I do hope there are some miss schedule!! God BLess me!


Time to leave the office!
00 PM: I suppose to Luunnn laaaa with my friend @ Pha-Ngan Island and ...enjoy!!

--- Sleepless


Sunday July 20, 2008

7.00-8.00 AM:Koh Pha-Ngan-----> Koh Samui ( 1hr)

-take a shower and have some foooddddddd....and chilout! Haha..i dont think i will hv enough time to survey any place!!

11.00 AM: Leave from Samui --> Surathani Airport! (2.30 hrs)

15.20 PM: My FLight to BKK

16.20 PM: Arrive BKK!!!


I am no image with my sleepless trip, i am no image about fullmoon party! 

What the party look likes!? I do try to have not a high expectation of the party..

only Have a Music, have some Drink, and have alot Dance  and crazy  ....Lunnn laaaa with friend.

Important for fullmoon!
.is enough!!

Haha..and i do hope i will not find some of used condom on  the beach as my Koh Pha-Ngan trip 4 years ago !!

What's they do on the beach during fullmoon Party!? It's my wonder!!!????when i arrived Pha-Ngan island the day after fullmoon party!'s time me to find out the true..hehehe


Aow...before i leave and solo this sleepless fullmoon Party in 10 minute later, someone have remind me to do(should do) as follow!

1.No drugs
2 Don't drink/eat nothing that an strange or a friend (someone could offer) Repeat to say: "NO, Thanx"
3.If you're tired, don't sleep! I could miss the ferry from Pha-Ngan--> Samui--> and th plane Back Bangkok (my home)!
4. Wear shoes, no FLIP-FLOPs coz at morning the beach is full of broken bottles

Woaa...i do thx the person who give me a remind note!!! (^___^)It's seem i am a children but i do love to get this note. it's very important that i should not forget because

-I tell a lie to my mum that i have to work @ Suratthani (The true is , i hang out @ fullmoon Party), so it's not quite good if i look like hang out when i arrive BKK!!  Mum might ask me what is my Job!!!!!

-I should not absence on Monday anymore because i will have a  trip to Cambodia on August!!


I cannot wait to meet "Fullmoon Party!!!"... see u all guy! and i will let u know what is the fullmoon PArty is!

Is it make me disappoint or not!!?... See u soon!!



najiah10 says:
full moooon party! i only went to half-moon and it was nice!! HAVE FUN BABE!!!!
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
tazmania says:
have a good & safe trip na jaaa ;)
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
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My train ticket!!
My train ticket!!
My small stuff!! Can pack only one…
My small stuff!! Can pack only on…
Time to leave the office!
Time to leave the office!
Important for fullmoon!
Important for fullmoon!
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