Days ten and eleven.

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Yesterday: First, Rijksmuseum. More paintings. Somehow anything in art galleries really fails to impress me too much, probably because there's too much to look at all at one time, and now with me getting anxious about having enough air...Well, it was nice, but I find it difficult to really appreciate anything when so much is stuck into one room. I feel like I'm being bombarded..
After that: Anne Frank House. Now that was interesting. Me being a World War II enthusiast, I was quite absorbed in it all. We finally picked up a copy of Anne's diary, which I surprisingly haven't gotten a chance to read yet, and also found out about some books that were written by Hitler that I would like to read. 'Twould be a rather different view on the Holocaust and I'm curious to know the thoughts of the one behind the whole thing.
Rest of day: We were on the canal a bit to get from one place to another. The canals are lovely but the boat schedule wasn't so great. Or maybe it was just the boats, they kept arriving late everywhere.

Today: Keukenhoff! Oh my god. It's difficult to describe what it's like to be in a place with thousands of flowers concentrated into one area. The smell is astoundingly beautiful. We've got plenty of pictures of the various floats but cannot capture that scent, unfortunately. It was wonderful. And we finally got some home-style fries there.
That was the main part of the day, the rest was driving, mostly, and a bit of walking, and eating.
Wait. Duh. We were in Utrecht a bit before we drove back to Amsterdam. Dad lived there when he was a kid for a a few years. We found the street he used to live on, and the house, as well as a few other places he remembered. That must have been pretty awesome for him, going back to see all that after 30+ years.
Anyway, tomorrow is a shopping day. Then Monday we're up early to get to the airport at eight. Our plane lands at about 2 in the afternoon. Whee.
I'm off to get ready for bed and check for emails back.
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photo by: pearcetoyou