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Our second day here was as full as the first. I absolutely love it here. Our days are so full of running around with few stops for food and the like and by the end of the day we're all tired and end up having a great sleep and so we can wake up fairly early and do it all over again.
Today we were on a tour bus going around to all the touristy must-take-a-look-ats. (Which was fine with me, even though I prefer to be more traveller than tourist.) We got off at Regent Street and popped into Hamley's toy store. Seven bloody floors of toys, I nearly died. The ground floor was all stuff animals and there were Doctor Who things! I now have an action figure of The Doctor, Rose, and K9. Yay for being a nerd!
So, we saw a ton of stuff and took a pile of pictures (mine are kind of random) and I'm totally in awe of this place. I'd love to stay here for at least a month.
Oh! We were in an HMV before heading back to the hotel, and I found Coldplay's Brothers and Sisters! Bought it, of course, I'd never find it again otherwise.
I find it funny how this has only been our second day here and already I sound a bit British and 99% of the time I'm not even trying to. Annoying, kind of.
Anyway, need my sleep now. Didn't actually doze off in the Underground tonight like I did yesterday...
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photo by: ulysses