Day four, part three

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We had a lovely trot around town, in spite of the rain. Saw the big Cathedral and many other old buildings and such. The architecture is a thing of wonders, really, and it's mostly rather ancient, really. One thing I recall was built in the decade of 1110. Woah.
We wandered a bit and found that there happens to be an Oxfam shop here, which I realized was right next to this here Villa on the way back. After our walkabout we popped into The Old Weaver's for supper. I had some great garlic cheese bread, a wonderful plate of spaghetti, and finished with a treacle sponge cake with custard that Mom and I shared. Delicious.
Mom took a bath when we got back here and I uploaded all our pictures. Then I soaked my worn-out feet in the bathtub and got myself ready for tomorrow - getting all my clothes out and the life. We're off to look around into shops a bit in the morning after breakfast, and then we'll be leaving the charming Canterbury for nearby Dover to hop on a ferry to Calais, and from there we're off to Paris.
Part one of our little European tour us almost completely over, and part two begins tomorrow with the departure of the boat. I leave my beloved England behind but look forward to France with much anticipation.
Off to sleep now, cheers.
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We're here in Canterbury now, at the Kingsbridge Villa Guest House Bed and Breakfast. 'Tis a lovely place.
To pick up from where I left off...
We got off the train and wandered around trying to find the car rental place, finally found it, and then drove out to Stonehenge.
Oh. my. gods. Wow. I really don't know what to say other than "Wow." I took about 17 pictures of the structure alone but they will never compare to actually being there, not by a long shot. Like I said, WOW.
We popped into the gift shop after, picked up a few things, then headed out towards Canterbury.
Here and Salisbury are both very old, beautiful places. Love! <3
Off now, going to stroll or something and then find a place to eat.
photo by: Koralifix