Day five, part two

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Well, it's nighttime, and we're here in Paris. So far I'm not too thrilled and feel rather like I did in St Pierre - pretty hopeless. It's not "Why don't they know English?" for me, it's "Why don't I understand French?!" Sigh. There's something really wrong with the school French program. I ought to be able to converse by now but I bloody well can't. I guess that's what I get for being an English stream kid, though.
The journey was interesting. I witnessed a couple parting ways as he got on the train and she remained on the platform...
We discovered a few things. One, the French seem rather pushy. Where in England there'd be a "Sorry" or "Excuse me" with a minor collision amongst all the people on the busy streets, here there's nothing. Two, ick. The underground is rather dirty. Particularly when compared with London, which Mom had thought would be a mess from what she was told and ended up making me think so as well and so the both of us ended up pleasantly surprised to find it quite the opposite. Even when not comparing, though, yikes.
Can't remember the third observation we'd made.
Perhaps tomorrow when we'll be up and about and doing things and not commuting lots I'll feel better here.
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photo by: Sweetski