Day eight, continued

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So far we haven't seen much of Amsterdam, but it's looking quite promising.
There's a billion bikes here. Not like I wasn't expecting that already. But there are so many! When we were leaving the train station we passed this four-tier parking lot for bikes only that was absolutely packed.
There's been a couple of random interesting things happen. Allow me to share.
One: Our room is on the third floor. There are some steep, somewhat spiralled stairs leading up. That's it. Can you imagine what it was like carting our (fairly heavy) luggage up here?
Two: The room door does not like me. I cannot for the life of me open it. It takes a long, long time for it to finally decide to work.
Three: The bathroom door also hates me and doesn't like Dad either, since neither one of us can get it to close.
Four: There's a rack in the hallway leading to the reception desk that has a bunch of little cards in it. Discounts for stores and the like. There's a few for sex shops, and one which is an information card on magic mushrooms. How to handle them and facts and stuff. I'll be grabbing a couple, more random souvenirs.
I'm going to go to sleep now after I listen to the song called "Amsterdam" by Coldplay, because it was written here and now I'm here and I'm a bit of a nerd.
Oh, random interesting thing number six: Somehow everywhere we go, there've been many Coldplay songs playing, and as soon as we enter a place where one is on or one comes on wherever we are I've tuned in and identified it immediately. After the first three or so times my mom asked me, "How the heck can you do that so fast?" It's pretty funny.
Tomorrow the plan is to hit the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House, and get to both via the Canal, part of which is right outside out hotel.
Off to sleep now.
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photo by: pearcetoyou