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We had such a fabulous time today that I can hardly believe that we still have more time here, and then time in other countries as well. It blows my mind.
After we woke up from out naps, we went out to the Tower of London and took our own little tour with an audio thing each to help us out. 'Twas fascinating.
Something hilarious happened after the tour when we went to see the Crown Jewels and all that. There was one display of items that Mom stopped to take a picture of. She stood extremely still because she had the flash off and wanted to take a good picture. One of the guards that was dressed as a Beefeater came up and stood by her, very quietly. She didn't notice, but I did. I waited a moment and then got her attention. I nodded towards the Beefeater but she didn't take the hint, so I told her, "You may want to look to your right." She turned around slowly and was quite frightened. It was actually rather funny. Turns out no cameras are allowed there. We hadn't seen the signs. Oops.
After a while we mosied off to Picadilly Circus. That place is bloody brilliant. I wished so hard the moment we were inside that my three closest friends were there with me. One of these days the four of us have to take off to here for a couple of weeks. That would be amazing.
One of the little touristy shops had various things to do with the Underground in it. One of which was a thong with "Mind the Gap" on it. I looked at it, then went on, but then looked back and cracked up laughing. You should get why.
We came back by way of the trams and ate supper at a hotel cafe that's related to the one we're staying in. I finished my meal with treacle sponge cake. SO good.
We took a cab from the Off-License we'd stumbled into back to the hotel we'd eaten in and then walked to our hotel. I loved it.
About time I got some sleep now...
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Well, this has been a most interesting journey so far, and it's only around 11:20.
Starting where I left off with sleep. I got up to use the washroom after I put this book down. When I got back, it took my mom and I about twenty minutes to get comfortable and start dozing off. Then another twenty minutes later, I'm in a semi-concious state, and so when a flight attendant came on to tell us that we'd be getting a bit of breakfast, I didn't take notice of it at all. However, my legs were across Mom's lap, and she jumped out of her skin when the voice came on, which woke me right up. It was so funny.
Just as well, though, I was bloody hungry. And I had waffles with some kind of custard and a croissant, and it was lovely.
One of the most amazing things I'll ever see is the sun rising while actually being up in the sky. It's too hard to describe...Absolutely breathtaking, though.
I don't know what time it was when we arrived in London, but we were off the plane and out to the train in a flash. And we had arrived 35 minutes early. We hopped on a train to Barking. I fell asleep after a couple of stops and then woke up with about 7 stops to go. I would've slept again but stayed up watching the outside pass by.
We finally got to Barking and then wandered a bit trying to find the hotel, which took a while. We finally arrived at about quarter past eleven do we had 45 minutes before we could get into our room. We stayed in the lobby-type area, where I started writing this. There was a computer set up there but we didn't have any coins just yet so I couldn't email home as planned. When 12 came around we went up to the room.
We're staying at the Etap Hotel, don't recall the street though. The room's pretty small but it's efficient. There's a low double bed and then above that, over the head, there's a bunk-bed, where I'm not sitting curled up, writing. There's a bit of counter to one side of the window and on the other is a sink with mirrors. There's a door that opens to reveal a shower and another where the toilet is. 'Tis interesting.
I should take some time to rest now, and then we're going to see if we can find something to do (and hopefully eat - I'm famished.) Will write more later on.
photo by: ulysses