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This morning came early, the hostel was so loud that kate and i decided to wake up earleir than normal and check out of the place.  we made it to the train station around 830 and had a while to wait, so we had breakfast, checked up on the web, and walked around.  soon enough, the train came and we found our wagon and seat numbers.  i claimed the window seat across from a blond guy from norway and kate was across from a guy from iraq that spoke german.  interesting combination.  the train was uneventful, we crossed through the beautiful denmark countryside and we came to a ferry crossing.  no kidding, the train drives straight onto the ferry.  they have train rails on the ferry.  so we rode the ferry into germany and the ride to hamburg was short from there on.

View from the 20th floor
  once in hamburg, we found an atm, got some euros, and it took us about thirtz minutes to find the short luggage storage, but we did.  we stopped at a pub and had a beer while looking at the map and orientating ourselves to our surroundings.  so, after the beer we took ninas suggestions and walked around the main station.  well, kate and i managed to find our waz into the gay and lesbian scene of hamburg.  we managed to find our way back and grab our bags before taking the train to nina´s stop.  we didnt have to wait long before she showed up, her parents in tow.  it was so great to finallz meet them and to see her again.  her dad is big on showing hamburg off and we walked around nina´s area after dropping our bags at her flat.  we walked down the reeperbahn and then on to habitstrasse (spelling?), the sex street where all the prostitutes work.  women, and men not looking to buy their business, are assaulted with eggs and other foul things.  well of course we didnt actually walk down it.  after that, we went up to a new buidling where they have a bar on the 20th floor.  it had great views of the harbour.  hamburg is a beautiful city and has a great harbour.  after there, we headed back to the reeperbahn, past all of the sex and novelty shops and ended up having dinner.  her parents are wonderful and it was so great to see her.  after dinner, we went back to her flat and called it a night.  she was tired from working all day and kate and i were worn out from travelling and train rides.  -rach

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View from the 20th floor
View from the 20th floor
photo by: Petitsing