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Mmmm... Beer Tasting

We woke up in our hostel, packed our bags and said goodbye to our new German friends from Colonge.  We grabbed a quick 7-Eleven breakfast (banana & a water) for our 20- minute walk to the station.  We boarded our train to Malmo for the 4 hour commute.  I slept most of the way and Rachel says my feet smell.  Once in Malmo we changed trains and it was off to Copenhagen.  At the station we made our reservation to Hamburg and then trecked to our hostel, DanHostel Downtown.  Checked in and put our stuff in our 10 bed room, then went out exploring.  It was dreary and rainy so we found a nice microbrewery so we had the sampler and made friends with the bartender.  She was from London and moved here because of a boy.

.. same old story.  We left there and went to another bar that had a backpackers special on Carlsborg.  We had a few and met a guy that was staying in our hostel room.  Later in the night, the guy we met tried to snuggle in Rachel's bed... creepy!  Thank goodness I'm on the top bunk! 

Something else I found neat about Europe is a way you can book a cheap flight (50 euro).  You can put in the day that you want to leave and then it gives you about 15 possible places that you maybe going.  You can remove places that you don't want to go but they cost you 5 euro per place removed.  You blindly book it and then it tells you where you're going.  That's what our new friends from Cologne did and why they were in Stockholm.  Neat.  -Kate


stich71303 says:
Oh dear, first Achmed and then the creepy guy in the Hostel. Rachel you need to protect your boundaries! Waiting to hear more, Nancy S
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
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Mmmm... Beer Tasting
Mmmm... Beer Tasting
Rachel & her snuggler
Rachel & her "snuggler"
photo by: the_bill