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Today we took it easy, we slept in and walked to the market to get bread and things for breakfast.  we had to be back at nina´s place for a man to come look at her leaky pipes.  after a good breakfast, we headed out to catch the siteseeing bus.  nina, though from hamburg area and familar with the city, had never actually taken one of the tours.  well..... the one we ended up on had a live tour guide and she spoke mostly in german.  nina learned alot that she didn´t know and kate and i learned where the rich people in hamburg live and that hamburg has a lot of trees.  it is difficult to expain what i mean, but she went on and on in german telling jokes and stories and then in english all we got was a one liner full of little information.

  the bus tour took over 2 hours and afterwards we headed to a cafe for a late lunch.  the waiters at the place are notorious for being horrible and the service was not so good.  it made nina so mad, but we finally ended up fed and paid our ticket and hit the road.  we had some great icecream from a local vendor while walking back to her place.  in the evening we met up with nina´s friend Julia, also a german who had done a year of foreign exchange studentness in texas, of all places.  Julia was great and I can see why her and Nina are such good friends.  We had dinner at a Thai restaurant called ChaCha close to Julia´s office in the downtown shopping area.  It was delicious.  I had a vegetable curry with white rice.  Nina´s company, her bosses wife actually, did the design for the restaurant logo and menu, so it was a neat connection.
  After dinner, we returned to her flat and chilled with a beer before heading out to Reeperbahn Festival, a cool indie music fest located in pubs and clubs around the Reeperbahn area of Hamburg.  Nina´s other friend had secured tickets, so we eased right in and went first to Angie´s Club, I think.  There we saw Dez Mona, maybe I need to check my notes.  The first song sounded good, and each song from there on out was stranger and stranger.  Angies club was nice though, it had plush velvet seats and was cozy.  AFter that we headed to another bar, to see another band, but by the time we made it downstairs, it was sooooo hot, it felt like they had the heater going full blast and there was people everywhere.
  we opted not to stay and see this band so we headed to Stetdman´s Tivoli THeater (again, I need to make sure this was the right theater name).  On the weekends the theater has live comedy.  We, however, were there to see Philip Poisel, a german guy from Stutgart.  His songs were really nice, but all in german so Kate and I were clueless.  After Philip played an encore, we headed out to see a DJ set that Nina wanted to see.  When we arrived at the Mandarin club, the Berlin Rappers from the set before had not left the stage and we were stuck listening to them for a few songs.  Know the famous DJ, it might have been a while before he came on and did his magic, so we opted to leave the deafening music of the Berlin Rappers and head back to Nina´s place and off to bed.

Funny quote of the night... Kate (about the Berlin rapper´s song): ´Is this in German or in Berlin?`


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Nina & Rachel
Nina & Rachel
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