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They had a clock with Zanzibar's time at Giraffe Cafe!
I was so sad to leave Tanzania that when I happened to walk by this cafe with its warm, vibrant music in Heathrow airport of all places, I could not help but walk in and spend some time here. This cafe is dedicated to world music and world food and it was such a nice respite from the posh, but cold and stiff experience I had in London. (Although the sales at Harrod's definitely warmed me up a little more to the place.)

You can see here there are clocks on the walls giving the time of an interesting selection of fabulous cities! (Koh Samui in Thailand, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Zanzibar in Tanzania and a somewhat misplaced Heathrow). I had to take a picture, because nobody has a clock on the wall showing the time of Zanzibar!! =) What a nice reminder of what speaks to me and brings me happiness.
Giraffe Cafe - excellent world cafe with great music and food in LHR.

The food was pretty good, their shakes/juices might as well have been made in the Caribbean or Africa or Latin America, and their waitresses were these friendly hipster girls who were totally cool. Even the bill was brought in a coconut shell which just made me smile. I was back in Tanzania for a brief moment! I really was! =)

But all good things must end and before I could take more than two bites of my food, my flight was finally posted at a gate all the way at the other end of the airport. I had walk all the way to gate 50 in order to make the boarding. But I blew Giraffe Cafe a quick kiss before I ran out, thanking them for that one last drop of good memories before I had to go back to the life I lead in the States.
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They had a clock with Zanzibars t…
They had a clock with Zanzibar's …
Giraffe Cafe - excellent world caf…
Giraffe Cafe - excellent world ca…
photo by: sweettangerine