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So beautiful
I woke up on the boat around 6am when we were docking in Split. Me and the guys got some breakfast on the boat and then just hung out until we docked in Korcula at 11:15am. Now here is when things went a little bad...I origionally booked the hostel we were staying at cause it seemed like it was the only, and cheapest hostel in Korcula and it sounded like an alright deal. And for some stupid reason I just assumed Korcula island was just that, and island. Did I stop to think that there would be different parts to the island??? No. And it turns out there was, and that it's quite a large island at that! So we arrvied into Korcula town and the hostel I booked (and the guys then booked) was in Vela Luka which is on the complete other side of the island!!

I felt really bad directing us the wrong way and Korcula town looked pretty sweet and I could tell the guys looked a bit mad that they were going to leave.
View from the path walking along the water we went to the tourist information and the lady told us we had to take a 1 hour bus to Vela Luka. After we went to the bus station and bought some tickets. We had a 45 minute wait until our bus came so we sat at the cafe and had some beer and water. I went to find out the times coming back from Vela Luka as I wanted to go to Orebic island which can be reached from the Korcula town part of the island. But as tomorrow was Sunday the first but was at 5:40am and the second one wasn't until that wasn't going to happen!

The bus was the worst bus ride was really bumpy and rocky and I started to get motion sickness. I actually thought I was going to throw up! It probably didn't help that I was watching the Office on Jim's iPod and that's probably what made me start to feel ill.
Either an uncompleted, or destroyed little church
  But eventually we made it and I didn't get sick! Bonus!

We were staying at "Hostel Manuela" and it was really easy to find from where the bus dropped us off. When we arrived there wasn't anyone there but then a lady with a baby came out and told us to go upstairs. Apparently Manuela was down at the smaller port trying to get more guests to stay who had just arrived. She came back and checked us was only me, Jim, Abe, and Christian who were staying there! Lucky they came with me or I would have been all alone. It wasn't really a hostel, it was actually Manuela's house that we were staying at. The first floor had quite a few bedrooms and a big kitchen and living room and then upstairs was another kitchen and what not which was Manuela's and a few more bedrooms (one that I was staying in).

Right away I changed into my bathing suit and put on sun screen cause I wanted to go to the beach. Christian stayed behind for a nap as he didn't sleep on the boat and Jim, Abe, and I ventured out. Now Vela Luka is basically a really large port. Now where we were staying was at the entrance to the port on one side, also on the side where lots of boats are. Right across from us was the area where you could go to swim. But you couldn't just cross, no you had to walk all the way around!!!!

Once we finally walked all the way around, the only "beach" that we came up to was a piece of crap block of cement basically with some teeny rocks on it and a whole bunch of kids. It was really shit and you couldn't put your stuff anywhere and there wasn't really an easy place to get into the water.
We stayed for a couple minutes and went in the water to cool off but then decided to just keep walking along the water. We were walking along a really nice path that went along the water but we weren't finding any type of beach. It was basically just really big rocks. People just found a decent flat rock and layed out there and ventured into the water.

After a while the boys decided they wanted to go back to the hostel but I decided to keep on going on my own. I found quite a few nice places but it was really wavy and the rocks were jagged and probably wasn't the best idea alone because if I slipped I probably would have died and then there was no one there to ever know what happened to me. So I kept walking and eventually I came into this bay where there was a cement dock which had nice stairs going into the water.
Hehe my little "beach"

So I set up camp there and went in the water. OMG the water is amazing!! It is clear blue and not cold but not hot, just perfect! It was so nice I didn't want to get out of the water so I just swam and floated around for a bit. I was starting to get hungry and thirsty and since I didn't have anything with me I decided to go back. The walk back to the centre of town took me over an hour and it was really hot! I stopped at the store to get some stuff for dinner, all the veggies were soft and rotting so I just bought some pasta so I could make Kraft Dinner with the sauce I got in my bag.

Back at the hostel I made my pasta and sat and watched some of the Olympic trials with the guys. While we were there three new people came to the hostel (yay, we aren't alone anymore!) The new guy (Andrew from Sydney) came and chatted with us and then Abe, Christian, and Jim left to get some food.
The only crappy thing about travelling along is having to take your own pictures!
I continued chatting with Andrew upstairs and then the two new girls came upstairs as well. Their names were Ali and Nao and they are from London, they had met Andrew on the ferry over to Korcula. We were possibly deciding on getting up really early tomorrow and going to Orebic but then we decided against it and to go to one of the small islands near Vela Luka that we can take a water taxi to. I origionally had booked to stay in Vela Luka for 3 nights as the boat to Dubrovnik wouldn't be arriving until 10pm and I didn't want to be arriving that late on my own but since Andrew, Ali, and Nao were all taking that boat I decided to go with them and cancelled my 3rd night.

We went to the travel station and confirmed all the buses and boats etc.
Ali, me, Andrew, jim, Christian, and Nao at Cassablanca
Then they decided to go get some food but since I had already aten I went back to the hostel and had a shower. The guys were back and they had managed to plug their iPod into the TV so we watched some of the Office on there which was pretty sweet. Once Andrew, Nao, and Ali got back, we decided to go out and check out the "nightlife" that Vela Luka has to offer.

We were pretty suprised. It was really great! At night everyone just comes out and there were lots of little bars and clubs that were really busy. And it was all Croatian people who were out and we didn't meet any other travellers. Honeslty though, I want to know where all these young people were during the day!!! The first place we went to was called "Cassablanca" and it was really pumping with flashing lights and loud music.
My room...naturally my bag threw up all over it
We got some "Caribbean Cruise" cocktails which were pretty good and sat out on the patio. After we moved onto another place up to road whose name I can't remember but I had a "Hawiian" cocktail and it was the best drink I have ever had before!

Once that place started to close up we headed back to Cassablanca. We didn't stay long though as some guys kept giving Jim looks like they wanted to start a fight. Jim is a personal body guard and he is MASSIVE with lots of tattoos, bald, and a crazy beard so he sometimes gets some looks and he said lots of times guys try to pick a fight with him. He is the sweetest guy ever though! We went back to the hostel and watched more Office of course. Fell asleep on the couch and went upstairs around 4:30am.
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So beautiful
So beautiful
View from the path walking along t…
View from the path walking along …
Either an uncompleted, or destroye…
Either an uncompleted, or destroy…
Hehe my little beach
Hehe my little "beach"
The only crappy thing about travel…
The only crappy thing about trave…
Ali, me, Andrew, jim, Christian, a…
Ali, me, Andrew, jim, Christian, …
My room...naturally my bag threw u…
My room...naturally my bag threw …
Haha on the wrong side of the port
Haha on the wrong side of the port
Jadrolinja ferries!
Jadrolinja ferries!
So gorgeous!
So gorgeous!
Vela Luka
photo by: VictorZ