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Hi all,

After a 13hr flight from Syd to LA, we finally arrived at the LA international airport. The security leaving Syd was incredible. I mean we expected tough security but no one expected what we saw... We were searched for bombs, drugs and explosive materials more then once. It’s comforting knowing that everyone is being searched so thoroughly. We flew United Airlines and it was a long flight. Not something I would recommend doing daily, but certainly comfortable enough to get you to your destination. The flight was OK, but no TV screens in the seats and the service was ordinary. I expected better, but it was my 1st American intro.

We arrived in LA around 10:30am on the 26/12/06. That’s about 6hrs before we left from Syd...... Work that out !

After a short delay at LA we flew to Las Vegas and finally arrived at our 1st destination. Las Vegas is a large city located in the middle of no where. It's in the state of Nevada which is mainly rocky desert.  Vegas has a great backdrop on the horizon of red rocky mountains like something out of a western movie. Vegas is a city that doesn't sleep. There are more casinos then you can count and so many tourists.... We'll yeah we’re tourists too but there's millions of us. There's flashing neon lights everywhere you look and so many casinos have modeled their themes on a famous place like the Eiffel tower of Paris or the Pyramids of Egypt to name a few, and once your inside them you actually feel like you are in paris etc. It's so life like. It’s an unbelievable experience.

Being tourists we've been doing tourist stuff like seeing the sights like the Grand Canyon in Arizona which was absolutely amazing. The Grand Canyon is about 12hrs by road from Vegas. A long day out and when you only have 4 days in Vegas, it's really time consuming. So we went a better option. We went on a CHOPPER TOUR. Expensive yes, but worth every cent of the $254 US price tag. It was our 1st helicopter ride and was something we'll always remember. Check out the pics.

Another highlight of Vegas was the Stratosphere. Yes it’s a casino, but it like Sydney Tower on steroids. On the top of the tower are 3 adrenalin pumping rides. We were game enough to take on 1 of the rides called the Big Shot.  The ride begins at the top of the tower and then launches you up the tower. 160 feet to the top of the Stratosphere Tower’s spire, in just 2 seconds experiencing 4 Gs of force from the thrust. Words can’t describe this feeling and the view over Vegas was amazing.

On the last night in Vegas we to the theatre at the Wynn casino in Vegas to see Cirque du Soleil La Reve. A fantastic display of acrobatics, dance with a water theme. Not normally my thing, but well worth going to see and we all enjoyed it. The Wynn is the most expensive casino to build in Vegas so you can tell we've got style. Why not, you only live once.

San Francisco, CA is our next stop.

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Las Vegas
photo by: maka77